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[eBay Plus] Roborock S6 Maxv Robot Vacuum with ReactiveAI and Lidar Navigation $849 Delivered @ Mobileciti eBay


Roborock S6 MaxV takes intelligent home robotics to a whole new level. S6 MaxV introduces twin cameras and infrared imaging to make cleaning more effortless than ever before. With night vision and advanced object avoidance, MaxV will safely and intelligently navigate the multiple levels of your home with precision. MaxV is more than a vacuum. As a remote sentry, gather intel on your home even when you?re away. Fire up Remote Viewing on the Roborock app and use MaxV as your eyes from afar - check in on your pets, scan your doors and stay in the loop.

Roborock S6 MaxV does not compromise, offering best-in-class functionality. With powerful 2,500 Pa suction and an enormous 5200mAh battery, MaxV soldiers on with strength for up to three hours. Advanced mopping is a crucial benefit of the Roborock range, and MaxV is no exception - no dirt is safe from this revolutionary, multi-dimensional robot. Map your home, set the order you want your rooms cleaned and let MaxV do what it does best.

We dispatch all our products from our Sydney warehouse via Australia Post. Please ensure someone is present at the delivery address as a signature on delivery is required. We have an authorised Roborock Service Centre based in Sydney to cover after service and local warranty. We will cover the postage costs by providing prepaid postage labels for you to return the units to us for inspection and repair under our warranty policy.

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  • bought one

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    Any deal on s5max?

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    powerful 2,500 Pa suction
    soldiers on with strength for up to three hours
    Advanced mopping is a crucial benefit

    OooOoooOOooooo baby!

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      Lubrication not required

      • Only suction required

  • Worth extra over the Viomi?

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      Is it better, yes.

      Is it worth paying twice the price after buying an empty station for this when at the end of the day they both will do the same thing, I would say no, but others might disagree.

      • Could you elaborate how this is better please over the viomi?

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          One big difference is this has cameras and obstacle avoidance.

          review here https://www.rtings.com/vacuum/reviews/roborock/s6-maxv

          The viomi is great, best bang for buck on the market when its on sale, but this is up in a different price bracket.

          • @noise36: So the only difference is obstacle avoidance? Is the cleaning the same?

  • Is this good for carpet flooring? Or only for hard floors?

    • Works really well on carpet (mine just finished a run), but if you have a lot of carpet and it sheds fibres it fills the hopper up really quickly and as soon as its full the robot is just walking around not vacuuming anymore.

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      No the s6maxV is horrible on carpet. The brush cycles on and off so only suction works 100% of the time. This is done to prevent overheating. The S5m and s7 don't have this issue. The brush keeps moving even while over carpet

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    I am a bit confused as for S7 vs S6 Max v ! why would they not add the camera bit to S7 also? They both seem to be the on the lead! What are the release cycle look like? Will there be a S7 Max v?

    • Also keen to know this

      • Because it never worked properly.

  • Needs a empty bin , do you sell bin ?

    • Does it need the bin, or is it just optional?

  • waiting on S7 to drop below $1k

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      The S7 is a beast and loved it until the random "vertical bumper error" kept popping up and stopping the robot mid run was so frustrating. Troubleshooting with Roborock didnt solve the problem.Returned it via free shipping to roborock for a warranty claim 2 months ago and still waiting for a replacement. They said new stock will be delivered by end of October. I hope this is a 1 off error and not an issue with all of them. Its been a struggle without it

    • It's $1,019 with the eBay code, couldn't wait any longer for it to go down further.

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    This or the ecovac T9+?

  • I can tell from experience that S6Maxv works well for vacuuming and mopping .
    A bit of bad experince :
    We have tiles in our house after like using S6 for 8 months , it started mopping in very erratic pattern , upon calling Roborock support and doing some troubleshooting with them - it was confirmed that wheels are not getting grip on tiles (while mopping) . Roborock tech team also confirmed that this is known problem to them and they are upgrading wheels for upcoming S6s .Ultimately I got replacement but Roborock team couldn’t confirm if replacement sent is with upgraded wheels or not .Otherwise after replacement we have no issues at all

  • Don’t buy this for obstacle avoidance or cam features. Mine gets stuck on clothes, chargers and cat toys all the time.

    The remote viewing function doesn’t work for more than a minute or so, leaving you stranded somewhere in the middle of your house. You can disconnect and reconnect to get another 30 seconds or so.

    Also doesn’t have auto bin empty function, and the bin needs emptying 1-2 times a week. If you forget, it’ll still roam around the house, but won’t pick up anything.

    I found their support to be terrible. They for a very long time refused to acknowledge a carpet / main brush problem, and also my mop bracket Velcro’s tabs became unstuck. I had the threaten regulator involvement because they said the mop bracket (which is part of the device) is a disposable item and therefore not covered. My unit is nearly a year old and the battery lasts only 30 mins or so, so doing a large-ish house takes a few ‘too ups’.

    When it dies I’ll be avoiding Roborock in future.

  • Purchased the Roborock S6 MaxV on Ebay, through this deal at 849$. It's been 3 weeks, and it works well.

    But it doesn't detect the small wires or threads on the floor, instead it gets stuck and creates noise.

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