Question about iPad Pro Battery Replacement

Hi all!

I have an iPad Pro that is is great condition but battery life is not flash.

Has anyone had a battery replaced in their iPad? Any recommendations for a Sydney installer please?


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    What's the battery say, below 80%?

    Do it through Apple. The price isn't bad and you're not going to get a dodgy battery that might expand. Plus if the installer breaks the glass while doing it they might say it was done at your risk, whereas Apple will give you a new device.

    Apple will also test the device to see if anything is causing battery drain.

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    Check your battery health, via battery setting. If below 80%.

    I would get the battery replaced via apple, it only costs $165 which isn't too bad for the price and peace of mind.

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    I would strongly urge you to get the battery replaced through Apple if battery health is 80% or below, because you actually get a replacement (refurbished) iPad, and it will come with Australian Consumer Law coverage, which means you will be covered for manufacturing defects for a minimum of two years.

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