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[Switch] Must Dash Amigos $0.83 (90% off) @ Nintendo eShop


Lowest price ever with a 90% discount for this survival mode top-down racer. Mixed reviews but a fun party multiplayer game to add to the collection at less than a dollar.

Number of players: Offline 1 - 4
Download size: 731 MB


Experience a Loco top-down Battle Racer filled with Piñata Stampedes, Avocados and mayhem for up to 4 Players! Must Dash Amigos is a humorous, family friendly fun-fest with controls so simple that anyone can play!

  • Leave rivals eating your dust as you blaze past them in Race Mode!
  • Dish out the damage in Battle Mode to prove your might!
  • Compete in Tournaments to truly uncover the worthiest champion!
  • To survive in this world you cannot just run; you Must Dash Amigos!

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  • +1

    Awesome, thanks OP. I’ve purchased my 4 year old a Switch for Christmas and I’ve been keeping my eye out for good deals on games.

    • +5

      For your "4 year old".. right…

      • +5

        Yep, my 6yo loves the Switch… That's why I got him Leisure Suite Larry. ;)

        • +2

          I’ll have to look up that game. What other games do you reckon are good for 4-6 year olds?
          I’ve already got Mario Kart 8 and Bowser’s Fury.
          EDIT: lucky I looked up that game, I missed the wink emoji lol

          • @jallen89: Yeah, LSL was a lewd old game on the C64 back in the 80s. ;)

            I'll ask my 6yo if there's anything he likes in particular. But sometimes it's more about what his 9yo brother plays… like Minecraft.
            But MK8 and Bowser's Fury are definitely a couple he likes, and Luigi's Mansion.

      • Haha yeah. In all seriousness though, I’m not a fan of Nintendo games at all. My son was at a play-date and came home excitably telling me about “Bouwer’s Fury” and the bloody Switch haha.

        • +1

          Go to dekudeals from time to time.. you'll be able to fill that switch by Christmas..

          • @tikzzz: Awesome, I’ll check it out, thank you.

            • +1

              @jallen89: Also remember that Black Friday is coming up. Usually some good deals on physical copies too. (Great thing about physical copies, if you've finished the game or just don't like it you can often resell them for as much as you paid. Especially if you got it on special.)

              • @Snoop: Hell yeah! I love Black Friday. Glad to see it getting more popular and mainstream each year.

  • +2

    Thanks op, had like 100 gold coins so it was free. 🤗

  • +1

    Thanks OP. You can't go wrong with a $0.83 game.

  • +1

    Thanks I purchased for my regular local switch gaming night, keen to see my amigos!

    PS. It's called Must Dash Amigos because a group of Mexican friends eat a spicy breakfast burrito and must dash to nearest toilet 😂

  • So I can only do this on a Switch? Bought one for the kid for Christmas so still boxed.

    "In order to continue, please access Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch console linked to this Nintendo Account."

    • +1

      The easiest way is to sign up for an Nintendo account. That will give you access to the E store so you can then purchase digital games.
      When the actual switch is unboxed, turned on and updated you will need to create a user profile for the switch. In my case I did one for me and a child’s account for my son.
      You then link those switch user accounts to your Nintendo account so all the switch accounts have access to the games you purchased. There’s a option to ensure that you have to enter your password everyone when purchasing content from
      the E store, make sure that’s on otherwise anyone who has access to the switch will be able to purchase games.
      There is also a seperate phone app you can download that limits childrens accounts and set time limits ect.
      It can be pretty confusing.

  • +1

    There's an avocado in the pic, so I'm buying it.

    • +1

      Favourite game with an avocado is Boomerang Fu

    • +3

      OK I must say this game is a bit of a let down. I guess after Boomerang Fu I was expecting a lot.

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