Lawn Mowing & Common Courtesy (Neighbours' Driveway)

Whenever we mowed the lawn, it is common courtesy to use the blower and blow those grass clippings back to the grass area, particularly our neighbours' driveway (the council bit), right?

As we know, some people tend to park their cars in the driveway (in front of their garage).

What's the common courtesy in that area? Do we also need to blow that area (under their cars)? Don't want to be rude in blowing onto (under) their cars, especially creating drama when accidentally blowing small stones and chipped their cars.

But if I don't clean that driveway (in front of them garage, under their cars), there'll be some grass clippings there. Am I at fault if I don't clean that area?


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    Don't sweat it, just do the best you can

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    If they are good neighbours, they shouldn't care

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    accidentally blowing small stones and chipped their cars.

    I would be more worried the mower causing stones flung into the car in that scenario.

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      Interesting you say this!
      Today as I was cutting the nature strip grass a car parked in front of my house. (He couldn't exactly park where he needed to as another car was in that spot.

      I basically said to him "Do you value your car?", because I am about to mow that area and stones are going to smash your side.

      He thanked me profusely and said he will move it to a different spot. I'm glad he did, because shit got real.

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        Sounds like a sensible decision all round.

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          I am not too sure why it was even negged to be honest. What did people want me to do?
          Not tell him and then damage his vehicle. Sometimes the users on this site legit have no brains

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    Just don't cut your neighbour's grass..

    • We have a small shared grass section between our driveways with my neighbour and always mow each other's half. Curious, what's wrong with it?

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        I mean if you're taking turns and you're both ok with the arrangement…

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        "to cut someone else's grass" is an idiom meaning "to have sex with their partner".

        Literally mowing the small strip next to the driveway is all good!

        • Lol, thanks for the clarification.

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    Ask your neighbour for their opinion?

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    Just sweep (don't blow) what you can and let the wind do the rest.

    People are more likely to be upset by a blower than a few bits of grass

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    Life hack…once you’ve mowed the lawn just run the mower (without a catcher) over the concrete & any grass clippings just blow away. No leaf blower required.

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      Or you could run it with the catcher, I find usually this picks up the clippings

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      Thank you for this

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    Ask your neighbours what they like.

    Mine said "If cars are there stay away. No cars, go crazy"

  • Broom or rake. Why use a blower?

    • She wasn't happy when I sweep with broom hence I bought blower just for her (my neighbour).

      • Huh? Why would someone prefer a noisy blower over a broom? You are a good neighbour though.

  • Talk to your negihbour find out what they’d prefer.

    Personally haven’t come across this because neighbours cars generally weren’t parked close to my lawn but have on occasion started mowing different sections to give owners time to move a car.

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