Bonds Birthday $10 Voucher Link

Does anyone have the link for the Bonds birthday voucher? The link that I was sent in the email says it’s expired.

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    They’re unique to each email, I believe.

    When did you get the email? They only last a certain time after receiving the email. If you only just got it, it may not be active yet? Otherwise contact bonds support.

    You can also log in to your account and see if it shows up in there to activate.

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      I had the same issue last year. Once I got the the general link I was able to generate the birthday voucher even though I had missed the date by more than a month.
      Seems like you can generate the voucher once a year but need the most current link to it.

      • How long have you missed the date by this year then? There might be an expiry on how long you have to activate it now.

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