Has Anyone Received Their IKEA Quarterly Voucher?

I'm still waiting for my quarterly $10 voucher for $100 spent in the previous quarter. Previously, the voucher came around 10th-12th of the month but it's been the 20th and I still haven't received anything. So I was only wondering if it's just me or it's everyone else.

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  • Nope, not yet. It also is taking them over 2 months to deliver an order I've placed in August!

  • not yet here too (in SA), I even went & did a special shop with them to spend the $14 they reminded me via email to spend for the $10 voucher.

  • I haven't received it either —- normally second week of the new quarter. Interested to see if anyone received it yet, or if they are changing the benefits.

  • No, from melbourne

  • I received mine this morning. Off to the shops this weekend for me :)

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