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Mothership - Space Strategy Board Game A$61.50 Shipped @ Mothership Game UPDATED


Mothership, space strategy board game designed in Melbourne is having a EOY sale, 50% off storewide.

Prices are in AUD. Shipping is from Sydney, Australia.

Base game is A$61.50 including shipping.

Coupon code: DESIGNEDINOZ Coupon limit reached

This brings the base game down to $51.50 including shipping with coupon.

PS: I'm the designer! I'm having a huge sale to clear out my Sydney warehouse. Feel free to ask any questions :)

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Mothership The Board Game
Mothership The Board Game


  • +2

    7.3 on boardgame geek, some review comments below, don't have so can't comment on the game quality but given some games are $100+ you can make your own judgement

    Avg. Rating 7.343
    No. of Ratings 154
    Std. Deviation 1.99
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    NavarreGamer Avatar
    NavarreGamer Microbadge: Renegade Legion fanMicrobadge: Talon fanMicrobadge: Xia: Legends of a Drift System fanMicrobadge: Copper Board Game CollectorMicrobadge: Silver Board Game Collector Aug 2021
    Australia Flag Navarre, Victoria · Australia
    Play-tested this during the recent Kickstarter campaign, and loved it. Nothing too serious, but not simple you give it up. Heavy on luck, but does have a tech tree to advance your abilities. Played many times, reluctant to change my approach for some reason…
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    board_game_jake Avatar
    board_game_jake Microbadge: Super Mario Bros. fanMicrobadge: The Legend of Zelda fanMicrobadge: Star Wars: Rebellion fanMicrobadge: Twilight Imperium (fourth edition) fanMicrobadge: 5 Year Geek Veteran Jun 2021
    United States Flag American Fork, Utah · United States
    This game is just pure fun. Each time it comes out my group enjoys it. And it scales well to various player counts. The easy teach makes it even more accessible.
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    Baldieforprez Avatar
    Baldieforprez Jun 2021
    The base game is super easy to learn and the additional modules add gameplay variability. I would highly recommend this anyone. It was the most fun we had in a long while.
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    erzengel Avatar
    erzengel Microbadge: Houston Oilers fanMicrobadge: Houston Oilers Warren Moon fanMicrobadge: NFL Winnerpick League 2021Microbadge: Tennessee Oilers Steve 'Air' McNair fanMicrobadge: Tennessee Titans fan Mar 2021
    Germany Flag Waghäusel, of the Art · Germany
    Kickstarter 2nd Edition - all-in… + add-ons: 4x planets, 4x gas planets, 10x asteroids… and not oly the 6-player colors, the XL-Pack adds 2-more player colors (black & white)
    delivery estimated: Feb. 2020
    update: delivery 26th of March 2020

    Expansion KS Beyond Expanse -
    update: arrived 20th of March 2021
    with: Exclusive Vortex Dice Set, Metal Gold Ships an Booster Pack.
    Adding in total 4+2 more capital planets…

    In total 26 Planets… use for Eclipse, ect…
    Collections: Own,Want to Play
    VictorViper Avatar
    VictorViper Microbadge: Level 01 BGG posterMicrobadge: Alderac Entertainment Group "Ecos: First Continent" Contest Participant Mar 2021
    Canada Flag Canada
    Victim of the covid purge.
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    Eyesis Avatar
    Eyesis Microbadge: Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star fanMicrobadge: Deck Building fanMicrobadge: Legendary fan - The Avengers TeamMicrobadge: PainterMicrobadge: Nemesis fan Jan 2021
    Hungary Flag Budapest, Budapest · Hungary
    It is more like a half done version of a potential great space war game.
    gbumoon Avatar
    gbumoon Microbadge: Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star fanMicrobadge: 2021 Gold Supporter Dec 2020
    United States Flag Green Bay, Wisconsin · United States
    This game far exceeded my expectations. I haven't seen a lot of hype regarding this title but it's definitely hype-worthy. I'm always striving to find ways to bridge the gap between my video game friends and board game friends and this game does that perfectly, especially for the fans of RTS-style games. Expand your base, decimate your enemies, this game encourages different play styles brilliantly. It's easy to learn for the casual board gamer types with expansions for the more dedicated board gamer types and playtime is reasonable. I'm very impressed, this is definitely in my top 10 all-time favorite games.
    Collections: Own
    Redbright Avatar
    Redbright Dec 2020
    Australia Flag Melbourne, Victoria · Australia
    AMAAAAAZING GAME! I Love that if your opponents get an advantage over you at the start it doesn’t mean the whole game is a slow decline for you, you can still turn it around and have a chance to win late game! 8/8 would recommend!!
    Collections: Own
    Ender02 Avatar
    Ender02 Microbadge: Xia: Embers of a Forsaken Star fanMicrobadge: Firefly: The Game fanMicrobadge: Star Trek: Ascendancy fanMicrobadge: Arcadia Quest fanMicrobadge: Gaslands: I follow The Rule of Carnage! Nov 2020
    United States Flag Elmira, NY · United States
    A fun space skirmish game where you control a small fleet trying to explore local planets and battle other players while defending your Colony Station. A nice Tech Tree allows you to customize your fleet to your play style as the game progresses. Has the look and feel of an RTS video game on your tabletop.

  • +2

    I am always happy to support Aussie boardgames that pique my interest. This looks a lot of fun, and I cannot go past a sale like that!

  • +1
    • Oh that's a great idea! I'll do that now. Thanks for that!

  • +1

    Ok so the normal price is $99 but it's now on special to the general public for $49.50 plus $12.00 shipping ($61.50) and this voucher code takes $10.00 off that combined total so that shipping is effectively reduced to $2.00.

  • Snagged a copy with the expansions. Cheers

  • How often do you have these sales? Interested in trying the base game, then coming back for all the extras later if I like it.

    • I've done a sale around Xmas time the last two years. But the purpose of this sale is to clear out what's left in my Sydney warehouse (there's not much left). Otherwise, you might be able to pick some expansions from our USA distributor.

      • I went all-in. XL+3x expansions (you have to add the third expansion separately to the bundle).

        You can add a booster pack for $0. I was tempted to add a three of them given I was buying all the expansions/XL, but only added 1 as I figured it was too rude?

        • Oh the 5x promo cards? Haha yeah, you can add as many as you want…I wouldn't had an issue with 3. No one has tried to clean me out yet lol…

  • What game components or expansions would you recommend for someone starting out?

    • 'Into the Vortex' is a must have! The others all add really cool game elements, but I think that's the best to start with. The Booster pack also has some great additions to the base game too :)

      • Thanks for the advice
        For someone new - What's the purpose/benefit of the extra planets, enclaves, space whales?

        • +1

          The purpose of extra's is for those who want extra large games or who plan on custom house rules. Other than that, everything you need comes in the base game and expansions.

  • Thanks for the offer. Always happy to try a new game!

  • @mothershipboardgame

    Whats game place like for smaller groups on the XL board? Do you recommend this only if playing with a higher player count?
    How is the replayability for solo players?

    • Smaller groups on the XL board is great, as it means you can have more room to spread out and expand. It really depends on the kind of game you want to play. Smaller board is more cramped, but it means players have to strategize a lot more and be careful with their moves.

      Mothership was designed from the ground up to be a multiplayer experience. The solo mode is a fun little diversion, but the real fun comes from other people.

      • Thanks.

        Is the content booster pack worth including if I am already going to get the 3 expansions?

        • +1

          Yep, definitely. The booster pack really adds a ton of new content that goes with all three expansions + base game.

          • @mothershipboardgame: Thanks.

            Gone all in with the XL bundle, extra expansion, booster pack and 1 space whale :) Not sure why the extra whale but hey, it looks cool.

  • Ordered XL Bundle and extra addons, in confirmation email it says:
    If you haven't already, check out the expansions available for Mothership here. The latest expansion, Beyond the Expanse, is in production right now and can be pre-ordered from here.

    Is this still the case or does it need to be updated?

    • Ooo good pickup! I'll fix that. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Bought one. Happy to support a local designer.

  • Does the XL bundle with all add ons fit in one box or does it need to be kept in seperate boxes?

    • The base game box fits 2x expansions and does fit the XL pack with a bit of Tetris work 😁

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