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Lenovo: 16% Cashback Uncapped with ANZ Max (14% Non Max) @ Cashrewards


Lenovo Smart Clock with Yoga purchase

Special Terms

  • Cashback is ineligible when using codes not listed on Cashrewards, including codes imported from other sites, or clicks made from 3rd party plugins, newsletters, banners, advertising etc. Cashback is however eligible on codes generated by Lenovo on its website, even though they may not be listed on Cashrewards, provided last click before purchase is from Cashrewards.
  • Purchases made through Lenovo's student store, staff discounts, corporate deals, and negotiated offers (phone/email/chat) are ineligible for cashback.
  • Cashback is ineligible on Motorola products.

Cashback tips

  • Disable your ad blocking software during your shopping sessions.
  • Do not visit other websites after clicking through Cashrewards.
  • For each new transaction, return and click through to the store again.
  • Complete your transaction within 3 hours of clicking through to the store.
  • Read the store special terms.
  • You may not earn Cashback on GST, freight, delivery fees and taxes.
  • You won’t earn Cashback if an order is cancelled, changed or returned.
  • Cashback won’t be payable if fraudulent activity is detected.

You may not be eligible for Cashback:

  • If a gift card is purchased or used as payment.
  • If a coupon code is used that is not listed on Cashrewards.
  • If your order is not fully completed online or is later changed.

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  • +1

    Legion 5 Pro for $1856, that's a lot of laptop for a lot of price :)
    Edit: maths

    • Everything else seems good except the GPU.

      • Yep, the era of overpriced, underperforming GPU's is upon us.

        • Gonna be the dark ages for GPU. Im amazed a 3050ti is just a fancy name for a 1660 ti and worse than a 2060.

  • This is good deal…. I recently got the previously advertised 12% cashback on a Lenovo laptop…. Was a good deal overall

  • Does anyone know if it works with the EDUCOMM code?

    • I don't think cashrewards is valid if youre purchasing through the education store.

      I purchased the Legion 7 when it was on sale last month and had trouble tracking cash back, that was the first thing they asked was if it was purchased through the edu store (which it wasn't).

      Was sorted out pretty quick though.

    • EDUCOMM is for the Education/student store which is not eligible for cashback, so no.

    • You can't get Cashrewards cashback in the education store.

      Also: as a general rule, if the code isn't listed on the Cashrewards site, you can't stack it with cashback.

      • Or listed on the Lenovo website itself, which is the issue I ran into when they ran the GAME20 promotion last time.

        Got sorted in the end and got my cash back.

  • Hi all

    The code for the smart clock is SMARTCLOCK2, but it's not listed on https://www.cashrewards.com.au/lenovo

    Does that mean cashback won't track if you claim the clock? (or am I looking in the wrong place for listed codes?)

    EDIT: Another question - how does one tell if a 'Yoga' actually folds over into tablet mode these days? It seems some do and some don't

    • You need to filter for the 2-1 laptops on the right hand side

      It should be the Yoga 7 and 7i models

      This is an offer listed as Lenovo Smart clock with yoga purchase on Cashrewards website

      From Cashrewards website: "Cashback is however eligible on codes generated by Lenovo on its website, even though they may not be listed on Cashrewards, provided last click before purchase is from Cashrewards"

  • +2

    I think these should be headlined the other way around

  • +1

    So for Legion 7i 16 - i7, 16GB RAM, RTX 3080, 1TB SSD, that's $3283 with Cash Reward Max as they're currently on sale already, unless I've got my wires crossed?

    Seems like a cracking deal, but do you reckon it would get much cheaper than that for Black Friday?

    The 8+ week shipping time scares me though…!

    • When I purchased my laptop on the last Lenovo deal, I only got 16% cashback on the pre-tax value of the laptop.

      So if it's like that for everything, you'd be looking at closer to $3420 if you're going 16% cashback.

      • Thanks for the heads up :)

        Still a good deal though right, not sure if it would go much lower than this?

        • What sort of i7 was it? 11800?

          I got my legion 7 with an i7 - 11800, 1tb SSD, 16gb Ram, and a 3070 and it was about $2500 after cash back.

          I don't think the upgrade to a 3080 is worth the extra $1,000 (just my opinion). The 3070 being the 140w version, it's good enough for what I need.

  • Lenovo is dodgy. I applied the cashback via the browser extension when I was at the checkout page and the price went up by $400!! Essentially, the are making me pay the cashback difference, fooling me into thinking I'm getting a sweet deal.

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