Looking for 65 Inch 120hz TV for PS5 - Budget $1500

Not very tech savvy but looking to upgrade my TV to a TV that can display 120HZ to get 120 FPS on my PS5. So far the cheapest I think I have found is the TCL 65” C725 4K QLED Smart Android TV which goes for about $1500.

Looking for any feedback on this model or other TVs around this price that can Utilise the PS5 HDMI 2.1.



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    What is your limit on the budget? If you can squeeze another grand in around $2500 and wait a for Black Friday sales which is around 4 more weeks time you can probably get a LG C1 65 inch which is universally regarded as the best gaming TV right now.

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      Good to know, looking around $1500 but if there’s a good deal will spend more. Will bookmark the LG C1 65 and wait for a deal.

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    Issue with the C725 is they only have a refresh rate of 100hz, so while they have 2.1, they aren't actually capable of 120fps. Personally, I think you'd be much better off going in the 50 - 55inch range and getting a higher quality unit like an LG, Sony or Samsung for the same price. Bigger definitely isn't better in the case of most TVs imo. I'd also try and hold out until Black Friday/Christmas sales if you can.

    • Thank you for this information. I would have bought it and been disappointed with the no 120 FPS capability. Definitely looking to buy around Black Friday hoping to get a something around 1500 and could go smaller just used to 65.

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    I was at Costco at Crossroads NSW the other day, they had 65" LG Nano86TNA for $1299.

    • Thanks for the information, will have a look as looks like a nice TV

      • I have been considering the 55", the thing that worries me is the light bleed at night due to being edge lit, and the poor local dimming (which can be turned off). But I think it looked decent enough in the daytime). Check out some videos first on Youtube I think

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          Just checked some videos and think I’ll give it a go. I’m not too fussy to be honest upgrading from probably the worst budget Soniq. Looking forward to just having a clearer picture and running the ps5 at a better FPS.

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