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H HOME-MART 4 Packs Cat Sofa Scratch Guard $14.36 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ HOME-MART via Amazon AU


Reasons for Choosing HOME-MART Cat Furniture Protector / Cat Scratching Pads

● Perfect protection. The furniture protector solves the problem of cats scratching and damage to expensive furniture. It works on any upholstered furniture.

● Virtually Invisible. Made of high quality crystal clear vinyl, the furniture scratch guards provide near invisible protection.

● Easy to install. Instructions are included in each package to guide you in the simple installation process.

● REMOVABLE: Convenient screw pins fasteners are fast and simple to disconnect that it can be reused.

● Cat-Friendly. You no longer need to use dangerous sprays or tapes to stop your cat.

Package Include:

4* Cat Furniture Protector /Cat Scratching Pads(Size: 47*15CM)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Now I've seen everything…

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      and we can't unsee your buns of steel

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    Since when is water a “dangerous spray”.

    This goes back to the plastic that people used to put on their furniture that was only used for “good”.

    Get yourself a good scratching post and pick the cat up and put it near the scratching post if it uses the furniture. Particularly if you give it a couple of treats when it then uses the post.

    So you are puncturing the fabric to protect it? Any cat, worth its salt, will find an uncovered bit to use.

    • This, a good scratching pole is all you need.

      When we got our new couch, the cat was obviously keen to scratch it, but after a few days it stopped doing it.

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        The cactus from Kmart is a good scratching pole!

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          That's one I have too! Also pretty handy for hanging toys to keep the cat busy for a while 😆

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            @mangobango: YES! haha also adds some green to the house 😂

            Good minds think alike!

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          I need taller and heavier. Our girls like to really stretch out and put their backs into it. I’ve seen them pull over scratching posts in the past. We have a few with nice perches at the top; it gives them somewhere to sit and survey their kingdom and then launch themselves onto something even taller; like the top of a bookcase.

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        Water is a dangerous spray when my cat thinks it's play time when spraying him and comes up and ninja attacks your hand and the spray bottle. I think I have a broken cat.

        I have the similar version of these on my couch, one's that stick to the couch so you're not putting holes in it just to stop holes, it works well for those areas because 3 different scratching posts and trying to train the little jerk just wasn't working. But you're spot on, there's now pulled thread right at the top of the couch instead.

        • +1

          One of mine is a jerk too. She goes the biff at her sister when she walks past her. We yell at her to get her to stop but all she’s learnt to do is hiss at us before she biffs her sister. I, suspect, we haven’t helped the situation. The interesting thing is the situation reverses a tad when food is involved. The sister was the runt of the litter so she is, very, food oriented. I’ve seen her push the jerk our of the way to get to her bowl. Our two little girls are Somalis. If you read the blurb and it says highly intelligent and athletic then you know you are in trouble. We have a warehouse conversions with the original beams and have setup a second storey rat run between bookcases for them. My little brother calls our girls squirrels. I keep telling them Vet bills are expensive but they don’t listen.

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      plastic that people used to put on their furniture

      Hello Marie Barone

    • Woops replied to wrong comment, but heck yes this is the first thing I thought of too!

  • Thanks OP, just ordered 6.

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    The furniture protector solves the problem of cats scratching and damage to expensive furniture.

    My solution is to buy cheap furniture.

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    A doberman is cheaper.

  • useless as the cat will just find a new place to scratch

  • +2

    LOL……….one of the reviews from Amazon

    Mitch C: my cat ate the plastic instead of clawing it

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