Fitness Trackers, Any Current Offers or Recommendations?

Hey guys, I'm looking for a fitness tracker but not ones that are square watch looking and nothing at an outrageous price as I'm a newbie to it. Just want the main basics as I'm trying to walk a lot to recover from a back injury. Thanks guys.

I also have a $50 myer gift card, do they price match? tia


  • What are basics for you? Heart rate? Step counting? Distances? GPS? The ability to log other activities like weight reps?

    • Something like a fitbit 4 charge, just the heart rate, step counting and clock would be nice under $300.

      • Charge 4 has been $99 in past sales. Hopefully more come soon.

      • I was going to suggest the vivoactive 3, when it’s on sale it goes down to $250.

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    Xiaomi ones work fine, plenty of functionality on a cheap device. - $60 from PC Byte if you don't want to get it from overseas (or similar on Amazon if you have Prime - )

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      Thanks, I also found it here with free shipping, Australian site.

      Seems to be the best price with its current features and size for now and reasonably priced to hand down to kids when needed to upgrade!

      • I have had a miband for years now and they're great. It's also very useful as a call-alert, since it buzzes when my work phone rings. Never miss a call again in our noisy factory!

        Most people will tell you that the heartrate monitors don't work well on any fitness devices, in general

        • Of course a chest strap will give the best performance for measuring HR, but I found my Garmin 245 Music was a big step up in terms of both HR and step accuracy compared to the Mi Band 4.

          Not sure how much this has improved with recent generations of the Xiaomi though.

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    I'd happily recommend a garmin device - they function really well and seem to be pretty accurate when it comes to counting steps. I also rate their app very highly. A quick search I can't find any current offers but about once a year (when they do a model refresh) they usually go on sale for about 50% off.

    • I also rate their app very highly

      Their app and website are amazing at providing a lot of detailed information, however, it’s not the prettiest app. It’s data driven, not aimed at good user experience.

  • I'd recommend you instead set a recurring reminder on your phone: "go for a walk now".

    Put the $50 voucher towards new shoes.

    If you must buy a new electronic gadget, Garmin makes good gear. I've been waiting for my GPS watch to die for over 5 years so I can buy a new one, but it just keeps going.

  • Beware of Fitbit. They do the job but the original bands are crap. I'm on my fifth Charge band and now I just buy cheapies on ebay.

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