Double Din Head Unit Budget $300

Anyone know any head units which are decent ideally less than 300. Don't care about android auto or car play had it before never used it. Want branded ideally Japanese one.



  • Are you after a full screen unit or happy to have buttons and dials?

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      Prefer buttons and dials as its easier to use tbh, but i want one which is a full screen not one of the double dins which are just similar to stock radio

  • Aliexpress
    Honestly, for the money you can't go past them. (i've had my android unit for 6 years and it's been ever reliable) All the features and more of the Sony/Pioneer/Alpine head units for half the money.
    Joying is a reputable brand

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    I've had noname yum cha brands and name brands… spend a little more and get something like this

    Once you've gone android auto/carplay it's hard to go back to the chinesium android head units. I've got an xtrons 10" in my 4WD, with an android auto dongle, but nowhere near as good as the above JVC in my other car

    • I found them useful but 99% of my driving i know where im going and i dont want to spend the time plugging my phone in haha. Bluetooth is good enough.

  • Joying headunits are great. Runs android, so no need to plug in your phone.

  • Get this Sony

    • Seems decent any possibility of stacking discounts that you know of?

  • Hi ozbargain experts, I have a camry but the reverse parking guidelines are not dynamic, they are just a blue rectangle.

    Can anyone recommend a reverse camera that plugs into my obd port to get the correct steering wheel angle and speed so the dynamic lines work…

    • I don't think such a device exists

      • Thanks MS Paint. Missus was asking for dynamic lines, and I was thinking the only way can't be a new car, right?

        Some after market reverse cameras say they have dynamic lines but they use inbuilt sensors which I read are not accurate.

        So any possible solution must know the cars steering wheel position somehow…

    • I don’t think any such device is likely to be good.
      The dynamic lines will be different for every combination of:
      - camera
      - car
      - mounting angle

      Even if you find something that works, the manufacturer isn’t going to bother providing accurate lines for every car.

      I’d prefer no guidelines to inaccurate guidelines.

      • Thanks for your insight. I will save my money for more eneloops and coffee beans instead ! Let's help OP get a good DDIN headunit now.

        The JVC recommended by jaffar seems awesome, didn't know they had dropped so much in price

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    JVC KW R830BT (I've got the non-cd version, regularly goes below $180) or Kenwood alternative M3200BT (currently $160 Autobarn).

    Been using it for 1 year, no complaints. Basic, looks like a generic double din, has bluetooth which works well, large volume control dial, good EQ, enough power to boost factor speakers. Easy plug and play with aerpro harness. Not bad for something you can pick up instore tomorrow.

    If you want a large screen you could go for something like this ( however don't really see the point of a big screen without carplay capabilities so I'd personally wait for a deal and spend an extra $100 on an android auto unit or go the chinese route if a large screen is a requirement.

  • I recently put a chinesium one in my car. The audio quality was awful (admittingly i have high standards). No amount of messing with EQ software could fix the audio, it was just terrible.

    But, the screen and running standalone android is brilliant.

    My compromise is running a cheapy JVC mechless for audio (stealth install in glove box), and the the double din Chinese smart unit for maps on the dashboard.

  • If you want consistent reliable functioning get a brand name one. The cheap Chinese ones I’ve played with can be quite laggy and randomly shut down or hang. Mine was half the price of the Sony unit in our other car. The Sony has CarPlay, but otherwise has half the features of the Chinese one but the Sony just works - always.

    • Yeh I don't care about most rubbish feature when I am driving… just needs bluetooth

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