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[NSW, ACT, VIC] Nongshim Shin Ramyun 20pk $11.99, Buffalo Chicken Wings $8 off/Pk, Sweetcorn 1kg $2.99 @ Costco (Membership Req)


Shin Ramyun noodles at a very good price at Costco. Starting 28th.

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    Costco should do the right thing and extend the membership of those who were prevented from traveling to the store.

  • No noodles for Queensland? 😕

  • Although I like a few products from Costco and a lot of their product on special.,I'm not going to spend $60 so that I can spend more than I needed every time in this den of evil.

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      Get the account along with a friend preferably using ABN. Split the cost and soon you will realize you have saved a lot more than $27.5 that you spent on membership.
      For ex:30 Free range eggs (10,000 hens per hectare) for $8.99, $30 for huge cake, cheapest fuel around the area (if you are not into 7-eleven locking). cheap cafe/food ($15 for super extra large Pizza etc.)
      Also, the quality of dry fruits and other Kirkland stuff is much better than I found in colesworth/aldi and also you get really good deals from time to time.

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      if its close enough, the savings from fuel are more than worth it

      • I agree as it is often 20c-30c cheaper than other service stations. I've done the maths that it takes about 6 weeks to break even the $60 membership if you fill up weekly and the rest of the year you are purely saving. If you have several cars, then it's even quicker.

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      can't forget about the $1.99 hot dog + refillable drink

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