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Dad's Value Packed Pilsner 24x375ml and Pale Ale 24x375ml $109.95 (Was $160) Delivered @ Dad & Dave's Brewing


Receive 1 carton each of Dad & Dave’s Pilsner and Pale Ale for just $109.95 - Save over $50 with free delivery



  • 24x375ml Pilsner
  • 24x375ml Pale Ale

Dad & Dave’s Pilsner
Dad & Dave’s take on the classic Czech pilsner. This pilsner has a fantastic crisp malt body, and a herbaceous lingering yet light bitterness, making it the perfect session beer for those warm afternoons.

4.2% ALC/VOL

Pale Ale
Dad & Dave’s flagship Pale Ale is a malt and single hop pale ale using the finest Australian malt and hops. Delivering a smooth malt body and tropical fruits aromas, this beer suits any occasion or session.

4.6% ALC/VOL

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    If I am not mistaken, a very similar deal was posted quite recently. We are becoming ozmarketimg.

    • -2

      What's wrong with that. It's good beer. And I got quick and free delivery to WA last time. Win win

      Only issue was OP said we can get 2 of same kind if requested but it didn't happen. I wanted 2 Ale's. But Pils are not bad either. So wouldn't mind ordering again.

      • Thanks for the vote of confidence. It is a similar deal because many people were disappointed because we sold out. So when the OzBargain people want good value carft beer we are happy to deliver.

      • Mind if I ask how long shipping took?


        • About 10 days from memory.

  • +3

    Might be Sutton Forest meat diversifying into beer ….with unfortunately same marketing model.

    • not exactly the same. sutton forrest its cheaper to pick up. with these guys it isn't.

  • Thanks OP. Was waiting for this deal. Just finished the batch from last deal.

    Great tasting beer.

  • A reasonable price for average beer. If it's actually good beer, then it's a steal. Well, I'm about to find out!

    • Hi Chris, I am sure you will be pleased. Cheers, John (Dad)

      • My order arrived today after allegedly being collected 22 Oct…that's a long time to get from Manly to Wollongong but that only concerns me because I don't know if it's been spoiled by heat or what not. Because if not, this Pale Ale is easily the worst beer of any variety that I've consumed in recent years, craft or otherwise.

        I simply cannot fathom, given positive reviews from others, that this beer could be this bad and still a Brewer proudly put their brand on the tin. Surely something has gone wrong here. It tastes of sour, wet cardboard. I'm incredibly disappointed.

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