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Canon EOS M50 Mk II Mirrorless Camera with EF-M 15-45mm IS STM Lens $890 (RRP $1099) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Decent camera - not the best price ever but a good discount if you're in the market for one.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • How do you shoot selfies if you cannot shoot in the mirror?

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      With a revolver

      • Russian roulette?

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          No, we're suggesting you load every chamber…

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    Spend $99 more and get a 22mm lens at Camera Pro

    • What do you think about the 22mm f2.0 lens vs the ef 50mm f1.8 with an adapter? I had intended to get the nifty fifty for a while now but this lens seems like an awesome option too…

      • Personally, I think this kinda camera is designed for closer photography (portrait, street, vlogging, etc) so I think the 22mm has more merit. But the 50mm is always popular because you can't really go wrong with it. Especially when the kit lens is quite small already.

        • The 50mm can do all of that too tho (besides blogging really but neither of these have IS so you’ll be using the kit lens for that). Which do you think is better for video? Ugh I CANNOT decide. I don’t suppose Ted’s or any other place will let you like try lenses/cameras out?

      • Nifty 50 + ef adapter isn't as compact as the 22mm pancake lens

        I can put the M50 + 22mm in a jacket pocket easy. Don't think it can fit with 50mm

        The viltrox adapter is cheaper than canon and they have a speedboost x71 as well

        • That’s a good point. I didn’t necessarily plan to have it in my jacket pocket but now that you mention it it doesn’t seem a bad idea! Not necessary though obviously. And yeah I was thinking about getting the regular (no speedboost) viltrox adapter for mine because after a little research it seems that the quality and sharpness isn’t great with it on so despite the other benefits it just isn’t worth it imo

          • @ThatNintendoKid: I liked having a compact setup especially when travelling in crowded places (not in the last 2 years…lol) I'm sure you know the benefits

            That said I have the viltrox cos I have a small collection of ef lens gathering dust 😋

            • @marantz: Yeah haha I’ve got some ef and ef-s lenses that my dad uses so I’m gonna for sure grab the viltrox (non-speed boosting) or canon adapter to make full usage of my camera!

              Also do you mean the compact setup is nice just because you’re getting looked at less? This is will be my first camera so if it seems like I know a lot I don’t haha

              • @ThatNintendoKid: Just easier to carry and take out for shots when you can Chuck it in your pocket instead of camera bag where you need to unsling, open bag, close bag sling bag back

                You can get a blackrapid type sling and hang it on you for easy access

                I just find pocket size the most convenient when going for photo walks or holidays

                • @marantz: Ahh that’s true. I do feel like I might need to carry around at least another lens though just to make sure I can get the shot that my mind sees visually but I haven’t really done this much before and don’t have a camera for myself so who am I to talk! Thanks for the advice! I promise I’ll decide between these two lenses (or even get both if I can spare enough money) sometime this year :D

  • I’ve been watching this listing for about a week or two now because I wanna pick it up for my birthday soon. It seriously went up $20 overnight? Smh lol


  • This or micro four thirds?

    • I would go this or full frame mirrorless of you have the budget. Sony and canon have nice lenses for their mirrorless offerings

      Unless you know what lenses you gonna use and don't care much about future proof

      Once every few months there's a random article that mentions canon M series will be discontinued so take it with a pinch of salt

      Not an expert of micro 4/3. Most of my friends either buying Sony or canon full frame or the canon m system

    • +1

      Micro 4/3s has the best and most affordable lens lineup of all the systems so overall costs will be less if you're purchasing a few lenses. But it's been rumoured to be dying for a few years now so there's a risk there (although new olympus and panasonic bodies still coming out). Personally I love it and baulk at the cost of the full frame systems (which are like $6-10k investments) but I've been invested in m43 for a while.

      APS-C systems are also pretty good but limited in lens selections normally. But there's enough there for 90% of people so then Sony/Canon/Nikon/Fujifilm all have excellent mirrorless offerings these days.

  • I have this camera, it's a great little package and good that I could use my old EF lenses. At present due to Dan's Regime, its my webcam for streaming and work Teams calls, and always get comments from work colleagues asking what my webcam is.

    • Do you use a hdmi capture card or the default usb webcam ability? Hdmi is bound to be a lot better right?

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