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Bonus 1000 Yum Points with App Booking @ TheFork (Formerly Dimmi)


We know how much you love them, so we’re back with BONUS YUMS on your next app booking!

Book on TheFork app between Wednesday 20th– Saturday 23rd October, using the code SPRING1000 at checkout and earn 1,000 Yums, instead of the usual 150!

Once you reach 1000 Yums, that’s $20 off your next bill at any of the Yums partner restaurants.

Or save up and reach 2000 Yums, and you can get $50 off your next bill.

3 days after your meal, you’ll see your Yums balance topped up.
Each user can only use the promo code once and it is not transferable.

Referral Links

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Referrer gets 500 yums
Referee gets 1000 yums

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  • +1

    all the special restaurants in Perth are Indian restaurants

  • +1

    in sydney, example of one that accept yum points: Meat & Wine Co
    the steak there are at different level … also different price :D

    • +1

      Thought Meat & Wine Co doesn't accept the fork anymore.

      • They're still on there, but looks like they pulled out of the Yums program.

    • +1

      sadly they removed Meat & Wine Co from Melbourne as far as i can see.

      • Noooo! Hopefully just a temp thing. When Cruella came out we got a steak and garlic bread and paid $4.

  • Can this stack with the app21 code?

    • I don’t think you can add more than one code per booking.

  • TheFork used to be good.. gone downhill. Little to no Offers these day.

    • -1

      Probably doesn't help that half the country was takeaway-only for most of the year 😄

      • -1

        Was talking about brisbane where we've been opened the better half of this year.

  • Do you still get the 1000 bonus Yum points if you book a restaurant with your existing Yums?

    • +1

      I don't think you do

    • No

    • +2

      It worked for the one time I've tried it so far.
      -$50/2000 yum pts and +1000 yum pts after I'd completed dine in. May 2021. Hopefully it works for you.

      • Thank you. Good to know.

      • hmm i may try, yes i have 2000 yums already so i can get -$50 off - found a place that accept as well
        hopefully i get the 1000 after

    • When I went to book this latest bonus points offer, seems they've closed off the field to add a promo code if you've selected utilising dollars off with yums.

      Didn't check if restaurant offer of % off can be stacked with a promo code or if the field is again closed off though.

      • +1

        Dammit - this has worked for years. You guys should just try things and see if they work, not discuss them on a public forum that the company can see.

  • Minimal options to spend yums :(

    • easy to get 2000 yums so it is $50 off which is A LOT in my book, so yeah spend some effort to travel is still worthed.

      • Yeah you're right :). Not complaining just noted very limited options in QLD to spend yums. Maybe when borders open it will be better

        • +1

          will always like that, limited places to spend yums, i dont see every restaurants will join the programme (use yums) anytime soon

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