Nuked Posts Should Remain Viewable

I don't see why posts that are deleted are just.. gone!! I don't even have a record of the comments I made in them in my user profile.

For example, Free Delivery on Purchase of Apple Polishing Cloth posted yesterday. Yes it's dumb af, and no it shouldn't appear in search or in the list of deals, and no I shouldn't be able to keep making comments after a mod 'locks' it. But I don't think there's a good reason to stop people who know the URL (from their browser history) to view the discussion post-nuke.



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    Yes, I am sometimes actually interested in the spam or intrigued by the events which cause a post collapse, especially if I've already commented.

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    joke post

    Please don't submit joke posts in the deals section - new deals trigger notifications to subscribers who are after genuine deals. Feel free to put any humorous finds in the forums.

    start it again in the forum! did u make a awesome comeback to soemone negative post

    try again !

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    I use OzBargain comment sections for my daily laughs, so yes, it would be good to still see the post's discussion even if it's locked.

    If the post is bad, the comments will be good.

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    Its a pity when someone actually puts forward a legit thought out argument but it got removed because it was a reply to a comment that was deleted.

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    But I don't think there's a good reason to stop people who know the URL (from their browser history) to view the discussion post-nuke.

    Why not? It's digital junk. No one cares about your joke comment

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      Junk Food For The Mind.

  • I think it's a good way to get rid of the trash once and for all.

  • I wonder if mods/power users can still view it?

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      Mods can, PU can't

  • That Apple post was garbage.

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    On related lines, I get annoyed when somebody asks a question, it gets answered, then they request the thread closed/deleted.
    The forums contain lots of good answers that future searchers miss out on if the post is deleted. Similarly, early closing a thread sometimes stifles discussion, when more opinions shine more light on the topic.

    I’m not talking about contentious threads around politics, but it is often things like tips regarding European cars or something equally innocuous. Because the original poster has the answer they wanted, they seek to delete the thread, but often it is later posts that suggest useful things like importing parts from a Middle East distributer, or relating experiences with dealers.

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      European cars … innocuous.


    • If the thread is closed you can still read the answers

  • We often "nuke" deal posts when the deal has breached guidelines (most of the time, it's either duplicates, SPAM and sockpuppeting). In case you were wondering what the stats are for last month

    Reason for unpublishing COUNT
    Duplicate 123
    Requested by OP 68
    Spam 37
    Sockpuppeting 32
    Merged with Existing Thread 26
    No bargain listed 25
    Unobtainable deal 24
    Deal doesn't meet Amazon AU posting guidelines 24
    Referral spam 21
    Classified does not meet posting guidelines 15
    Lack of business details 14
    Insufficient quantity 12
    Duplicate (Merged with Existing Thread) 8
    Read Title Guidelines 8
    Not available to Australia 8
    Out of stock on posting 7
    Joke post 7
    Competitions are not bargains 5
    Merged with eBay Insufficient Quantity Thread 5
    Use Referral System 4
    Merged into Low Quantity Deals Thread 3
    Merged to Existing thread 3
    Banned item 3
    Price beats are not bargains 3
    Merged into Low Quantity eBay Deals Thread 3
    Merged with Deal Post 3
    Expired on posting 3
    Trolling 3
    Referrals not allowed in classifieds 2
    Incomparable Service 2
    Ghost Account 2
    Account Issue 2
    Merged with Insufficient Quantity Thread 2
    Circumventing ban 2
    Exceeding store rep posting limit 2
    Deal isn't a valid bargain 2
    Upcoming Woolworths catalogue specials can only be posted after Monday 5PM 2
    Use Classifieds 2
    Duplicate/Unobtainable Deal 2
    Insufficient Quantity (Merged to Low Quantity Thre… 2

    And in many of the cases, there's no point in keeping the comments or making the content visible (especially if it's SPAM, or if the store has engaged in sockpuppeting). If the comments and the deal post itself are of actual value to the community (but the deal isn't valid, for whatever reason), they are moved to the forums and the discussion is preserved. If's a duplicate deal, there would already be an existing / ongoing discussion thread in the original deal.

    For forum topics — you'll notice we tend not to unpublish these unless there's a good reason to. Removing large swathes of user discussion isn't really in the community's interest and the most we'll do is lock the thread.

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      Cheers for the response, but I don't think you've really addressed my concern. In particular: where is the harm in letting me scroll through the comments on the Apple cloth post?

      To me it feels just a tad presumptuous to dictate that "this post has no value to the community". Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. It may still have value to me, e.g., for some laughs, or to see how the discussion developed. Where is the harm in making the content accessible?

      FWIW this is how Reddit does it. Delete the post from results to make it less accessible? Sure. But it's overstepping to nuke all of the contributions made by the users of your site.

      • Do keep in mind we're a bargain website, and there is a forum section for you to discuss and banter about any topic you'd like. As I've said before, we rarely remove or delete content in the forums section unless there's a good reason to. This is in stark contrast to reddit where the OP of a forum post can actually hide or delete their own posts without needing to first consult a moderator. We don't do that here.

        As for discussion within a deal, the topic is focused upon the deal itself and isn't as free-form as the discussion in the forums. If the deal has been removed for breach of guidelines then the attached discussion is no longer relevant, and no longer worth keeping. (In most cases. If the deal is still of interest of the community it'll have been moved to the forums already — see those "Unobtainable" "Low quantity" or "Price error" deals as an example).

        Keep in mind you're still free to open up a new thread in the forums and discuss that expensive $29 piece of cloth you just bought from the Apple store.

        • Sometimes joke or otherwise discursive deals (like RRP deals for limited edition items) get moved to the forums with comments intact, I think.
          Would doing this please everyone? I obviously resist doing it for spam or sock puppeting that might encourage that, but the occasional post for a $250000 diamond reduced to $150000 or similar seems harmless.

          • @mskeggs: I gather it's the humorous comments in joke deals that the SuperMrBlob wants but okay, I'll listen to the weird requests. You basically want us to move joke posts into the forums?

            As for OP's original request of making comments visible in unpublished deal posts — sorry this can't be done, both for moderation reasons and technical reasons. Once a node has been unpublished the entirety of its contents won't be visible.

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    Oh, they nuked that post? Yeah, should at least move it to the forums.

    Ozbargain has a Dating category in the forum that is a complete waste as no one uses it, but they don't have the capacity to save joke posts that were popular and people commented on? ..

    • I disagree the dating/relationships category is wasted.
      It catches a bunch of topics that get somewhat useful replies that might be very noisy otherwise.
      That said, i like the joke posts.
      The only bit i look at in the monthly reports is highest rated comments for any jokes i missed. (OK, I also usually look at the biggest neg vote too)

      • It averages one thread per month.

        • True, but where would you put those posts otherwise that didn’t cause drama for a derail.

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