RM William Possible Deals?

Any RM William deals that you may know about? Would really appreciate it as I’m planning on making the purchase this week for a job that I’m starting soon.

Will be greatly appreciated.

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  • You're in luck, https://www.allingtons.com.au/brand/r.m.-williams/ just posted a 25% off sale - have bought a pair of Craftsmen from here with no issues (i.e., they are legit although their site looks a bit dodgy imo)

    • Was just about to post this haha

      Bought from them before, no issues

      • Yep, they are legit. I have bought items from their physical store in Adelaide.

        Other option would be a Factory Outlet at one of the DFOs if you are close by.

        • Nice, but being in Adelaide, I want to opt for the DFO @ Harbour town or the outlet …

          My leather sole craftsman's are getting a little long in the tooth, time to resole and start saving for the signature craftsman :)

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