Handyman Fit Wrong Timber Floor Color

so I hired a handyman for my apartment to fix timber vinyl flooring water damaged, today they fixed it i wasn't home and it seems to me a wrong color as you can tell by pictures:
they were from popular company hire a hubby not dodgy gumtree and airtasker.
I would like to know my rights and if this is something i can ask them replace and if not what i can do please?
i paid so much for the repair.



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    Oof.. that's a definite mismatch

    • i know what i can do about it thats the question :(

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        If it's really hard to source the exact same floorboards.. I know someone carpeting the bedrooms to get some spare the same colour because they're no longer made

        • that doesnt look good at all the original water damage was heaps better.

  • What did the quote say?

    • $1400

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        As in any notes regarding not being able to source right colour or disclaimers on colour matching

        • i have actaully told them where to source right color, no notes.

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    Mate, I don't know how someone could even put one board down, look at it, and think to continue going.

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      Especially without discussing with the customer

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    today they fixed it i wasn't home

    You paid the guy without actually seeing the completed work?

  • I'm a timber flooring project manager of many years. What is the product in question?

    • vinyl

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        … which vinyl?

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          I think we now know why the floor boards are a different colour.

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      Did you loom at the photo? Have a look and then post again.

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    Do NOT pay as it's obvious that they stuffed up. If you have paid ask for them to fix it and if they do not then make a formal compliant to head office.

    • they were already paid i'm afraid

    • which department i can contact if they refuse to fix it? trading fair? im based in QLD.

      • you need to goggle what a head office is.

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    Google fair trading

    • Op needs to google what a head office is first.

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    hire a hubby
    wrong color as you can tell by pictures

    Who checked the colour of your floor boards? and who bought them? who checked they looked ok (before install)? As hire a hubby isn't a floor board shop… Just seems like so many gaps in this transaction.

    • they have on their website as repair floor etc.

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        repair floor

        I think they did then… ✅

        I’m still intrigued who sourced the boards… if they just showed up and repaired it, I can’t imagine them have a possible boards and colours in their van…

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    With all due respect, "hire a hubby" sounds even dodgier than gumtree and airtasker. Hire a Hubby QLD has 2.6 stars on Google Reviews and many recent complaints on ProductReview despite the 4.3 stars.

    No way a professional would put the board down and keep doing it without contacting you to say "we have a problem".

    • I was thinking the same thing. "Hire a hubby" sounds way more dodgy than airtasker.

      • "Hire a hubby"

        Agreed. Possibly the most dodgiest name ever.
        If you are a married bloke, it effectively makes you look like a cuck if you have to hire them. :-P

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    Ask them first and keep us updated on their response

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      will do wish me luck :(

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    Ahh the colourblind tradie strikes again. That's shocking. I'd be going back to the company for a proper repair.

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    holy shit…that's bad.

  • The hire-a-hubby needs to re-do it in the right colour at no extra cost to you or refund you so you can get someone else to do it. Make sure you inspect the new boards before he starts again

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      i just called them said you gave us the color, i gave them where to source it from and what material it was etc.
      hanged up on me and said will get back to me, i really hope they fix it :(

  • Could always post the photo as a sarcastic 5 star review on Facebook google etc.

  • Can you list in detail the steps taken to go from water damaged original floorboards to replaced floorboards of a different colour? And who said and did what along the way?

  • Geez $1400.00 seems a bit steep too. Why did you pay before seeing the end result?

    • probably one of those "pay first before the work is done" folks. TBH, it's looks like just one box of planks was brought.

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    This wood is RAW… your wood looks varnished/treated… which it would have been, I'm sure. Is that correct?

    Then the wood is precisely what is originally upon the floor, but un-varnished/treated.

    Is this correct?

  • Yikes $1,400?! How many boards were replaced?

    Vinyl planks are like $40-$50 for 8-10 planks.

    It's super easy to install; you pull off the adhesive backing and lay it down. It's even easier than laminate or hybrid!

    Let's say hypothetically it's not vinyl, but instead engineered timber. You're still only looking at around $80 for a box of 5-6 planks.

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    How old are the original vinyl planks? It's possible they have yellowed/darkened over time from UV exposure. In this case it will be impossible to colour match them exactly. The tradesmen may have have used the identical product.

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    Seems pretty clear they used the wrong color

    But they say you told them exactly what to use. What exactly did you tell them??

    Despite that, even if you did advise the wrong color, any decent tradie should as a courtesy call you and ask you if you were aware that it was a different color before they started the installation

    • i contacted the supplier they said sometimes they also have wrong name on box or send wrong color by accident and their tradie return and replace it instead of going ahead fitting it.

  • Oh wow! Unreal!
    Can't believe anyone would go ahead and install that. Obviously you shouldn't make payment.
    I can't stress enough that using handymen is a bad practise. They unnecesarily charge more than real tradespeople and are very incompetent.

    Get them to fix it. Online reviews with a photo are your easy options if they refuse along with threats to report to whoever their licensing body is, if any. Vinyl flooring is cheap and they should absorb the repair costs anyways.

    • You can get tradesmen who are just as dodgy and crappy at their work. I don’t think you can tarnish everyone with the same brush.

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    I noticed something unique in Australia that fair dinkum male Aussies love working as electricians, plumbers, bricklayers, handyman, and other blue-collar jobs. No tertiary qualifications needed but getting paid way better than people with uni qualifications.

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      Electrician, plumbers, builders etc all need tertiary qualifications.

      A handyman doesn’t, but shouldn’t be doing anything related to electrical or plumbing.

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        I don’t think they need a degree, that’s a bit of a stretch. They go to trade school, whilst completing their apprenticeship.

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          Trade school is tertiary education.

          Primary school
          Secondary school
          Tertiary education - third phase, after school. Not just uni.

  • Update: They agree to fix it if i source the correct replacement myself which i got quote for $400.

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