Largest Movie Screen in Greater Sydney?

Looking to watch a movie on a BIG screen. IMAX Sydney is still under construction.
Any recommendations on the biggest screen in NSW Sydney area?
Please add to the poll options.
Thank you

update: I was mistaken that options can be added to polls by users so sorry if that confused you. The poll hence is meaningless if people can't add options…

Poll Options

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    V-Max Event George Street
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    IMAX Entertainment Quarter


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    Sit closer to the front and the screen will appear bigger! lol

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      See how this guy saved thousands with one weird trick! Hollywood hates him. Learn the truth now.

  • VR headset.

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    Blacktown drive-in?

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      bring your stab proof vest

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    The Edge (United Cinemas) at Katoomba has a particularly large screen. But it's getting old.

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      Yeah the Edge is actually a proper imax, it was just sold to someone else and is no longer imax branded.

      It's a bit far if you don't live in the west, but you can make a day of it: go see the 3 sisters and/or the scenic railway in the afternoon, have a meal, watch the movie.

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      According to the old definition "Greater Sydney" ends at the foot of the Blue Mountains (there's a sign). But since Covid, the new definition extends well past Katoomba.

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      Thanks, might just make a day of it.
      How is the audio at the cinema?

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        I haven't actually been in years, but it seemed as good as the Sydney iMax to me (back when it was around).

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