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Ray-Ban Sunglasses Kids/Wayfarer/Polarised from $58.51/$102.51/$102.60 Delivered @ Myer


Ray Ban Sunglasses Kids, Wayfarer, Polarised Fr $58.51/$102.51/$102.60 Delivered @ Myer

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    My heads too big

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      Me too, got two pairs last time, non of them fit.

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      I noticed they have large sizes of some

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  • $89 for Orb

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    might want to consider buying the grown up version but in the small size …then you get glass lenses instead of plastic and resale value when outgrown, it's what I did for my son, bought wayfarer in small, and now he has grown up he gets then normal size …..

    Ray Ban kids sunglasses aren't the same quality as the grown up version but smaller.

  • link broken. it says "404 Not Found"

    • must be myer blocking all link in through ozbargain as the knife deal got hammered, is my thoughts

  • Check your emails as well for a $20 OFF coupon, I got from Myer last week valid until 24 Oct with no min spend.

    • Is it an unique code or generic?

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        Unique, similar to a gift card

  • I ordered 10 mins ago. No confirmation email until now. Is this nornal? Can’t go to my orders page in the website as well. Says page not found lol

    • Yeah, it’s strange, but takes a while for the email to come through, it’s not instantaneous.

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    A lot of money to spend on a child who will probably break or lose them in a out 5 mins.

    • I know adult who lose their in less than 5min, either leave it on top of the car and drive off or at coffee shops :)

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    Get leosun glasses for kids. Flexible and don't break

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    Go to catch.com.au and search Serengeti sunglasses, I like to buy polarised sunglasses with glass lenses. Last time I purchased 2 pairs for $80 each. They put new models up often.

  • anybody got rayban stories?

  • Hmmmmm literally left my wayfarers at a restaurant yesterday, think this is a sign…

  • I ordered one but it has not arrived yet. Why was it sent from "DONGGUAN - CHINA MAINLAND" though?

    • That's where all Sunglass Hut orders come from when ordered online (Sunglass Hut run the concession in Myer)

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