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R. M. Williams Products 25% off RRP + $9.95 Delivery ($0 with $200 Order) @ Allingtons


5 day sale on RM Williams products

Not so great as the previous deals. But good if you are in the market.

R.M. Williams Mens Comfort Craftsman Boots (B543Y) - $446.25 https://www.allingtons.com.au/r.m.-williams-mens-comfort-cra...

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    Was $499.00, now $446.25. 25% off is a bit misleading. Its 25% off RRP, not off their usual sale price.

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    It's unfortunate that there's no storefront to try a pair on. You're paying a substantial amount to what is likely (with good care and leather treatment) a lifelong boot.

    I went to an R.M. Williams store to get my pair of Comfort Craftsman Boots. I must have spent nearly an hour with the staff going through different sizes, sole types and widths until I got that perfect fit; this is what you're missing out on when you buy online.

    A great idea would be to try in-store and then note down your size so you can buy online. Would be worthwhile to get your hands on some leather conditioner as well - this is the stuff that will make your boots last a lifetime. The polish is colour-specific (e.g. chestnut polish for chestnut boots and dark tan polish for dark tan boots and so on) but you don't really need it.

    A great boot that has stood the test of time - I've worn it in about every kind of landscape (except snow) and really glad that the owners are trying to push for 100% Australian made once again.

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      There is a store front just in SA. But point well made - RMs need to be tried on first unless you know what you're buying

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      Nothing stopping you from going to a store and trying them on to confirm the size then going online to buy it.
      Yes it's not great for the retailer, but at the end of the day the storefront didn't mind as you're going to buy RM Williams anyway so RM Williams will still get the sale.
      (I ended up half a size down after getting fitted, strongly recommend before buying.

      • Also not there can be some slight variations between the same size too. I have 2 10G boots and both are slightly different fits, again both within acceptable limits for comfort but I find one feels slightly wider than the other.

        This is the main reason I have never bought online and always tried on in-store the ones I have ended up purchasing.

    • Spot on Taco!

  • Got some! Dynamic flex is a little bit further down the page! Thanks

    • why did you choose Dynamic flex?

  • Ordered, thanks OP.

    FYI I went to RM Williams store to try for size and they were very helpful and even encouraged me to take a photo of the box so I remember my size. So once I knew my size after trying in store I just waited for the next sale.

  • Dynamic Flex have a great innersole and a combination sole….not just plain leather.These are infinitely more comfortable.

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