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Hi all, I've noticed recent deliveries from Amazon no longer seem to be coming via AusPost, so tracking is not like it used to be.

However I found an App called 'Shop', which seems okay so far, and I noticed also covers DHL, Couriers Please as well. It can be downloaded from here

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  • is the official app for Shopify, one of the largest e-commerce platform sites around.

    Wasn't aware it had Amazon integration though. Or do you import tracking codes manually? Why not just use Amazon Orders page to track items directly?

    • You can, but this also covers other couriers as well.

      It allowed me to integrate Amazon directly (once linking).

      Anyway its early days, and I hope this is Useful to someone.

      • I've been using Shop for a while but since Amazon are using their own Flex drivers now, Shop doesn't pull in the details and I have to mark it as delivered manually.

        It just says 'We're unable to get live information. Go to Amazon for latest tracking status.'

        • Thank you. I noticed this on a parcel that just came.

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    My Amazon deliveries are coming from a company called Dragonfly, and I goddamn love them. Even getting Saturday and Sunday deliveries.

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      I doubt the contractors love it as much!

      • Depending on what award/agreement they get paid, they might.

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      Dragonfly - A Basil Fawlty Racehorse tip.

  • I had a seller provide a link to swiship for tracking an Amazon delivery. And I didn't even buy the item from Amazon…

    • Fulfilment by Amazon is a thing where you can store your products with them and have their system manage & dispatch orders even if you use other platforms.

      • Thanks. Seemed weird to me, as the seller didn't look at have presence on Amazon. I thought maybe they were somehow scamming Amazon to use their much better postal service.

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    I personally prefer Parcel App it also has an option for Amazon integration as well.

    • Parcel app has been really useful for tracking various deliveries, but two caveats in my experience:

      • Parcel's Amazon integration doesn't seem to refresh all that often. I've received shipping notifications from Amazon but it'd take ages for Parcel app to pick up on it, and manually refreshing it does nothing. Not a huge deal for Amazon items shipped with AusPost or third party couriers since you can manually enter the tracking number, but for Amazon Flex it kinda makes it useless.

      • For AusPost deliveries if you have an AusPost account and their app installed, deliveries are often added automatically and you receive tracking updates pretty much as soon as they happen, making it better than tracking in the Parcel app.

  • Shop app is pretty rubbish for Amazon
    If amazon sends item using its own service (amazon flex) which will have a tracking number that starts TBAU then it wont track

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