Data Pack for International Roaming

Thoughts are turning to travel now that the boarders are open.

Buying a SIM overseas is generally the best option.

Would you say that buying a data pack before leaving is the best option if one needs to keep their Australian number overseas - calls through WhatsApp, Viber etc?

Any recommendations please on what would be the best offering from Telcos in terms of data packs for roaming?

Talked to Voda and Telstra this morning - not much joy there.

Thanks in advance!


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    Just get a unlimited data sim over there. It’s not worth it with the oz telco data packs etc.
    the only pain I find is with the two factor authentication text messages. Which will go thru to your oz number.

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    i think pretty much the all places around the world now supports esim so you can easily sign up without too much hassle.

    • This.

      Or get one of the travel eSim that gets posted here.

  • Telstra (even prepaid) has Wifi calling and SMS over Wifi that work overseas as well. You can use this for authentication SMS and in case you need to make/receive calls to/from Australia.

    Regarding data, just buy the local sim at your destination. Would be cheaper. Just put in your dual sim phone, otherwise buy a pocket wifi.

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