Docking Station That Work with Both MAC and PC


I'm trying to find a USB C docking station that work with both my Macbook air M1 and Surface pro 7.

my monitor has HDMI 2.0 ports and DisplayPort 1.2, can I get 4k 60hz with both Surface 7 and Macbook air with one dock? I only need to use one moniter

I need at least 60w PD, higher the better, also need a few additional usb a ports.

If anyone can recommend a dock that fits, that would be much appreciated.



  • If you want to go the route of a dock instead of an adapter with passthrough charging, you're either going to need a Thunderbolt 4 dock which is backwards compatible and will work with Mac and Windows, or you will need a Thunderbolt 3 dock with a Titan Ridge chipset so it can work with both.

    Just keep in mind that Thunderbolt docks are pretty expensive.

    This is the dock I'm using with my work Dell and personal Macbook Pro: Anker PowerExpand Elite 13-in-1 Thunderbolt 3 Dock.

    • Thanks, do you know how to check if thunderbolt 3 dock have titan ridge chipset or not? would these ones work?

      thank you!!

      • You don't have to buy a thunderbolt hub/dock. a full function Type C port is all you need (and is cheaper), and both your surface pro/macbook air have full function Type C ports.

        Full function Type C can do PD(charging), DP alt(display), and data transfer(USB ports etc)

        Thunderbolt is only required when you trying to run more than 1x 4K60hz monitor via a single port. USB type C only have enough bandwidth to drive 1x 4K60 and a few usb ports, that's why for my dual screen setup I need to use a hub and a adapter on 2 separate type C port (so I can achieve my goal—- 2 screen+ 3usb port —- a bit cheaper than buying a thunderbolt hub)

        • Nope. DP 1.4 over USB C or Thunderbolt is needed. Many current USB C docks will do DP1.4.

  • Yeah as tabz said it won't come super cheap. Plugable makes some reasonably priced stuff that would suit.

    I have this one which I needed for dual displays and 100W Macbook Pro charging. Works great (after I updated the firmware to fix a mac bug, annoyingly), but a little overkill for your needs.

    Cheapest I found on a quick search for 60W is this.

    • Thanks, I don't mind paying a bit more for a future proof quality docking station, I've tried a few cheap ones, they all have some problems with PD, unstable monitor connection, or cannot achieve 4k 60hz..

  • I just bought this from Amazon, which is one of the best connectivity I come across spending hours searching on Amazon/Kogan.

    should work on both Mac/Win,
    3 usb ports (2 are USB3, 1 usb2.0).
    1 ethernet
    1 audio
    1 card reader
    1 100w pd
    2 x HDMI:
    using 1 port only: 4k60hz no matter win/mac
    using 2 port:
    Mac: both port will display exactly the same image(duplicate) only, 4k 60hz, can't do extended desktop
    Win: 4k30hz per port

    I am running dual 2k144 screen, so I'd need 2x 4k60hz HDMI/DP port for running both screen, luckily my laptop come with 2 full function type C, so I will use this hub for charging/mouse/keyboard/1 screen, and use this for another screen

    • I use this dual 2k144hz for game on my desktop, and when I hook up both screen to my laptop I only do work, I know that both my screen would be just fine running at 2k60hz while using laptop, but I just like to see my cursor moving smoothly and my pdf scroll smoothly.

    • Thanks, this one seems a good choice, I've had a few of these usb c hubs before that promises 4k 60hz, but I'm only able to get 30hz on my surface pro 7, however with Mac I can get 60hz.

      Have been trying to figure this out for quite some time.

      • I only tried this hub with Mac (it works at 2k120hz which is exactly equivalent to 4k60hz in terms of bandwidth) as that's all I've got right now, my new Thinkpad x12 is arriving by end of this month/early next month, I will test out when it arrives.

        By the manual comes with the hub, it does say 4k60 support with Windows (requires USB-C DP alt version 1.4), which is available on my new Thinkpad (and your surface pro 7) so it should be fine.

        And with the 15% coupon this only cost like $55, very cheap compared to those thunderbolt hubs and will achieve your goal anyway.

        • Thanks mate, I just orderd one

  • I'm currently using a HP USB-C Dock G5 interchangeably with a Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen 6, a 13" 2020 MacBook Pro and a 14" HP ZBook Firefly.

    Possibly overkill for your needs but very reliable

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