New Dell Pc and Acer Laptop s Mode and Protection etc

Got myself the dell inspiron 24 5400 all in one from dell recently on the ebay 20% off.
Had it sitting in box for over a week or so and set it up yesterday and when i get the chance hoping to add apps to it etc and accounts of mine email etc.

Im just curious when setting up new pc and Windows for first time are these in s mode?
I know a laptop i got that i still partly set up is in s mode, i think it's to do with Microsoft Windows.

So am i right in saying the dell will be the same?
Why do they give or set things in s mode i mean windows, as your restricted to what Microsoft provides ie can't get Google etc.
Do many actually keep there devices on s mode and why?

I believe the s mode is to stay save but come on your very restricted I believe in that mode.

Anyway once i get a bit of free time no kids or wife to annoy me i assuming the pc is in s mode also and there is no harm in getting out of s mode.

When i partly set up both just to make sure lol they was working and do the adding stuff later.
It did ask if i wanted Windows 10 or 11, i picked 10 for now as 11 is just out and i believe i can update this anytime.

I never selected extras that dell offered like office 365 as there probably similar things out there for free or cheap, also virus software etc again ain't the freebie ones ok?
Or are there some good deals around, i know when getting the laptop from harvey norman guy was not pushy but said he could offer me office 365 at good price.
I said no and probably ir be x10 the price there anyway, in fact not sure what office 365 is for and what use i have with it. Maybe doing my resume that's about it.

But i be interested to know do i need some sort of virus or protection or am i already protected by Windows 10.

If I need something what should i look for be it free or buying one preferably on a good deal.

Regarding the dell inspiron 24 5400 pc the connections at back can anyone explain the uses for each from left to right.
Obviously far left is power and im sure there are usb 2 and 3 what else does this have or what use have they and difference ie usb 2 or 3.
I did put in a doogle type thing into one usb 3 for the wireless mouse and keyboard.

I just hate it when they give minimal set up or info booklets on devices these days and that you need a magnifying glass to read it.
Obviously having got a new laptop and pc and if I need more protection then i will benefit on whatever is recommended, as im sure i can use on both devices.

Also little off subject, but this pc never come with a dvd/ cd internal writer or player so was thinking of the dell external one keeping it same brand as pc.
Im in no rush to get and possibly try and get on a deal but how does it compare to others of same.
It be mostly for copying a cd i might have or even listening or adding music to pc.
I buy a lot of blu rays but i don't watch them on a pc is this not a common thing these days for an external drive to have blu ray playability or are they just pricey.


  • Windows S mode is a cut-down restricted operating mode. I don't think the Dell Inspiron desktops have Windows S Mode out of the box, they are powerful enough to handle vanilla Windows.

    If you can install 3rd party apps downloaded from the internet, such as Steam or Google Chrome, you're not in S Mode.

    • Ok just assumed all pc was same and starting windows for first time Microsoft wants you do use s mode.
      Probably just the acer laptop thing then.
      Not even spent anytime on both devices yet just turned on and got Windows 10 working on both for now.
      And planned to add stuff as time goes on.

  • Sounds like a person who has no experience with PC's……

    • +1

      Same. I thought I was reading a laptop review from 1998.

  • Dunno why the poster above makes the effort to post but not help out. Nothing wrong with not handling tech very well.

    Okay a few things

    1. S mode is not used outside of very limited circumstances. Forget about it and use windows as normal. Put malware bytes on it, avoid dodgy porn sites and you will be safe.

    2. Free antivirus is more than good enough- although I pay for malware bytes, the basic version is fine too. .

    3. Office 365 is a subscription based service to access online storage and microsoft word/excel/powerpoint etc. If you don't use them, then you don't need it. If you only plan on viewing rather than editing these files, the viewer versions are also good enough and are free. There are also free alternatives like openoffice

    4. Noone really uses CD readers anymore. It's gone the way of the floppy disc and VCR. For watching movies/TV shows, people usually directly watch it online on Netflix/Amazon Prime/Disney Plus etc. You can get a bluray player if you like, as that will do everything needed. Brand does not matter. You don't need Dell.

    5. If you are facing the back of the PC- from left to right.

    * Security lock
    * Power plug
    * HDMI display out and in (for attaching another monitor)
    * USB C port (New type of faster plug, unlike the old larger rectangular ones)
    * Ethernet (internet cable)
    * USB 2.0, USB 3.1, USB 3.1 (Older rectangular ones. 3 is faster than 2. If your USB is 3.0, plug it into the 3 socket. Backwards compatible with 2.0 but you won't get the speed)
    * Headphone
    * SD card reader

    • Thanks i will look up the malware bytes.and the stuff on the back of monitor.

      In regards to the below yes i dont think i would watch blu rays on a pc as i have them in several rooms around the house and have Netflix and prime which if i wanted could use pc to view them if i wanted.
      I have an xbox one not sure what i could benefit from a pc with xbox? Share stuff etc?

      But i do collect blu rays and i still buy cds i like having physical stuff so wanted a dvd/cd writer to copy cds for spares for car use etc.
      Any software i purchased to be able to install it with external drive and adding music to pc from my large cd collection and thought dell has one maybe works better with a dell pc?
      Im not so fused on it haviing blu ray also.

      Noone really uses CD readers anymore. It's gone the way of the floppy disc and VCR. For watching movies/TV shows, people usually directly watch it online on Netflix/Amazon Prime/Disney Plus etc. You can get a bluray player if you like, as that will do everything needed. Brand does not matter. You don't need Dell.

    • People who cannot use google deserve either:
      1) No response if the post indicates that they have absolutely no idea and are way out of their depth.
      2) Advice that they use google to do more research if the post indicates that they know a bit, but are going in the wrong direction.
      3) In the case of a very long post that asks for everything including the kitchen sink deserves a post like I did. And if the op responds then they may get more

      • Right, and I guess these rules are written by the government or something? They forgot to send out a letter

        • Didn't you get the letter?

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