Samsung Galaxy S20 FE 5G - Should I buy it?

HELP! Before I pull the trigger on a S20 FE 5G for just under $690, should I do it?
Coming from a Asus ZenFone 5z that has been rock solid for almost 4 years now.
I definitely want

  • SD Card storage (a must)
  • 5G
  • IP rating
  • decent to top processor
  • 128gb internal at least
  • VOLTE certified on Telstra

The seems to be VERY limited phones these days with those specs, especially an SD Card.
I've been hanging out until today to see the result of Samsung release for possible S21 FE, but it hasn't happened, as no one really knows if there is an SD Card on the new model or not. If there isn't, then I'll definitely get a S20 FE but I still has searched high and low on GSM arena, and can't find one as above.

Appreciate your help !


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  • Where is it $690?

    • Direct with Samsung special thing…

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    Bought 2 at $629 (samsung education sale about 3 months ago plus $50 vouchers)

    Upgraded Mrs S8 and my S9+.

    user wise, it's very similar, but faster, camera better, screen nice, battery life geat on 4g, average on 5g, feel snappy enough and like you, sd card a must! I'm happy with mine, and it should get 2 upgrades. Still not perfect but its a phone, it does what I need, namely battery, good camera, fast enouygh, extra storage, and not $1500!

    • Thank you, the only thing i think i will notice is the thickness, not as trim as my Zenfone 5Z or some others out there. Cheers

      • Even if you don't lift, or skip leg day, I'm pretty sure a few grams/mm of a phone is good! :) In real terms it feels the same as every other phone of that screen size.

        I always put a case on mine (the spigen case fits well) so who cares what they look like anyway! in the grans scheme of things the phones not that big really, and the advantage is an acceptable battery, although I'd rather have a 24 hour screen on battery advancement next gen than another camera or a 10% speed boost!

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    Massive Storage
    128GB built-in memory plus the option to add up to 1TB additional storage with microSD card slot.¹
    ¹ MicroSD card sold separately.

    I had S20 FE for 5 months, and it was really good. My partner uses it now, and she loves it.

    • Great to hear, thank you

  • Samsung will be full of bloat compared to an asus I would think.
    Some people may like it… others wont

    • bixby

  • yes you can go for it..
    processor is good,
    camera is good,
    battery backup is good
    overall s20 fe 5g is worth to buy

  • S20 FE 5G is great, go for it. Very impressed with my mum's and uncle's, like it much better than the Note10 I had

  • I've got the red 128GB version, and it's a good phone. The camera is very average IMHO but everything else is really good. Snappy response, good screen, etc. I'm going to be selling mine as I'm getting a company phone, but it was worth having.

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