Toyota Buy Back

Anyone receive notification by their dealers to buy back their used Toyotas

video describes a person who bought a RAV4 early 2020 $45K and has sold it back to the dealer recently after a year of driving for $51K

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Toyota Australia


  • Yes, they give you a quote when you take it for service. Received a shockingly poor valuation for mine, even not considering current market situation.

  • I drive my RAV4 Hybrid for work everyday and I got to say I love it. No chance I'll sell it back.

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    I sold my GR Yaris back to Toyota for a lot more 2 weeks ago. (40k preorder Ozbargain deluxe)
    Only did it to secure a Rallye edition. It was less of a hit to upgrade.

    They're having issues getting fresh stock.

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    Buy back offers are nothing new. Every few months you should get a call from a salesperson offering to buy back your car, to get you into the dealership to sell you a new car.

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      This time they pay you more than what you paid for it. So a bit different than old times

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        You still need to replace it though

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