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[PC, Steam] Fighting Juggernauts Bundle (MK XL, Injustice 2, Power Rangers, Killer Instinct & More) - $16.68 @ Humble Bundle


Honestly this bundle is better than any Humble Choice bundle by far.

Games included

  • SoulCalibur VI
  • Injustice 2 Legendary Edition
  • Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid
  • Killer Instinct
  • Slap City
  • One Finger Death Punch 2

Coupons for 70% off SoulCalibur VI Season 1 and 2.

These are all Steam keys including Killer Instinct, Killer Insinct includes all the DLC.

Referral Links

Humble Choice: random (361)

Referrer receives $11 AUD in Wallet Credit for the first 30 brand new subscribers that signup for Humble Choice after clicking on a referral link.

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  • +1

    Don't forget to adjust the donation via custom amount as along with the fake better than average starting amount, IGN now default to giving themselves 6 times more than what is set for charity and still double when it's set to extra for charity. Can't cut them out completely but you can balance their greed a little.

    Default Donation
    AU$10.84 to Publishers
    AU$0.83 to GamesAid
    AU$5 to Humble

    Extra to Charity
    AU$9.59 to Publishers
    AU$2.50 to GamesAid
    AU$4.58 to Humble

    • I just thought of a random dumb thing that you sort of reminded me with your post, i wonder if you can claim giving the charity on humble bundle for tax purposes? how you would prove it i dont know as it does not show up on a receipt.

      • +1

        No, because they're not a non-profit organisation. There might have been some loophole in the beginning and pre IGN when you could give 100% to charity but not anymore. 95% of the money made now goes to Humble (IGN), their partners and the game publishers.

      • +2

        You can't because it's not a donation, you're receiving goods in return.

        Plus it usually goes to US charities, you can only claim Australian deductions against Australian income.

    • So I am guessing if you pay the $16.68 option its best to go Custom > 50/50 split for charity and publisher and give Humble the minimum of $2.50?

      New to using Humble and just asking.

      • Personally, I give the minimum to Humble and then I split the rest between charity and publisher with a bigger cut to smaller publishers/Indie devs and a smaller cut to the big publishers but it's really up to you.

        Even with the charity donations it all defaults to an umbrella organisation where the money is designated however they want rather than directly to the individual charities themselves as it used to be. You can still choose a charity but they have deliberately made it much harder now.

        You can click change and choose the country and the category of charity but you have to search by the charity name (only to often find No results found) or a random term like "dogs" to find some when before they were all listed for you. The truth is, the majority of them have been removed and it's a lot of smokes and mirrors to give the illusion there's choice, just like the BTA tier. They've added a lot more hoops to jump through which most can't be bothered with, so they more often than not get their default cut.

        Still, there still are more charities buried away than people realise. If you can't be bothered jumping through as many hoops you are able to give to say Unicef Australia instead of Unicef USA if that makes a difference.

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