GPS Watch for 7yr Old

Hello all,I’m after a watch for my son that includes a gps so I can track where his going,most he will travel is up the road to play with his friends or around the block.
Need to be one that’s budget wise under $200.



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    I have spacetalk adventure for both of my kids. Very impressed it. It costs a bit more than your budget but it has a great app. The watches are easy to use for kids.

  • Thankyou I’ve looked into that.

  • Depends on what other functions you need. Xiaomi has a couple of them (Bunny smart watch or Mitu).

    • Thankyou. I don’t want a monthly subscription to anything so just a nice basic gps watch. And if I can call him with buying my own SIM card if that makes sense. Like a pre paid watch.

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        If you want real GPS and not just Bluetooth you'll have to pay monthly in some way as it will need access to 3G data.

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