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Cocobella Coconut Water Straight up, 6x 1L $15 ($13.50 with S&S) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Back on sale!

About this item:

Pure natural coconut water
Natural hydrating
Rich in 5 key electrolytes
No preservatives
Zero fat

Edit: Added the following courtesy of penguinswillrise and ThatguyfromCBR respectively:
Watermelon & Mint

S&S = Subscribe & Save, you basically get 10% off on top of the listed price. You can cancel S&S after your item has arrived.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +8

    Also $2.50 each at Coles this week.

    • +5

      Or Raw C from Woolies at the same price. It's better to my taste.

      • +10

        Nice, can't go wrong with a bit of raw c.

  • Thanks OP

  • thank you. any idea about the expiry date of these

    • +1

      Based on Amazon Q&A 5-6months seems most common.

      • Thanks

    • +2

      My last delivery 2 weeks ago had expiry date of may 2022

  • +1

    Nice and thanks OP. ATM Raw C (1L) is also $2.50 which luckily I bought only one yesterday.

    • FML got 7 raw C….

      I prefer this instead.

      Does wollies refund? Lol never tried

      • +1

        Yeah woolies does refund but you'll have to lug it back to the shop

        • Thanks bro

        • +1

          Do they? I thought they stopped doing refunds for change of mind/ surplus purchases

          • @javalaaa: their official stance is no refund, but I find that if you give a good reason they will refund

  • +1

    watermelon mint variant is at the same price too. I got it once and was skeptical but found it very nice (YMMV I love watermelon).

    • You've convinced me to give it a shot :)

  • Chocolate also same price - $2.25 /L if you subcribe and save!

  • +1

    Original sold out. Can’t add to cart

  • Sorry - what is S&S ?

    • Subscription and save

      • Thanks!

  • Oos

  • ozbargained :( OoS

    • no still available.. click on see all buying options on the top right.. just ordered at $13.50 with S&S

      • Brilliant! They must have added some more, when I posted they only had 3rd party options @ $30.

        Still makes me laugh that "bought together" items are kitchen towels and toliet paper : )

  • +1

    So much better than the Pete Evans raw C one

    • +2

      So much better than Pete Evans.

  • Thanks OP missed it last time.. Wish Amazon provide a RAW-C option ..

  • -1

    Is this healthy or more like a soft drink "juice" ?

  • Thank you!

  • Thanks! Time to stock up!

  • Thanks OP!

  • Chocolate coconut water… that doesn't sound like a great combo. Anyone tried it?

    • I don’t like it.

    • its good… but i wouldnt drink 6 bottles of it…

  • If I do S&S, will the following deliveries also be at $13.50? Or they revert back to normal price?

    • +2

      it reverts back to normal price.

      • +2

        thats why u cancel after u get it… buy again when its cheap again and u run out…
        this is on sale almost every month.

      • @stevenk - are you sure? so far all my S & S are coming at the price I initially ordered.

        • +1

          the next S&S will be at the price listed on the site.
          it could be RRP (less the S&S discount),
          or it could be the promo price (less the S&S discount).
          They send out email notification asking you to review your upcoming delivery.

          From their T&Cs
          Subscribe and Save Benefits
          "Subscribe & Save offers a percentage discount off the then-current purchase price for regularly scheduled deliveries of Subscribe & Save Products on Amazon.com.au. "
          Ordering Process and Product Availability
          "Some subscription and product details (including price, discount and availability) may change over time. Each Subscribe & Save order will be subject to the then applicable subscription and product details. Before each Subscribe & Save order is dispatched to you, you will receive an order confirmation message including order details and instructions for cancelling or modifying your order if you wish to do so ("Order Confirmation")."

    • +1

      It depends on the price they're selling at for subsequent purchases.

      E.g. Listed at $15, then S&S is $13.50
      If it goes up to $20, then S&S is $18

      If you need assurance, then cancel your S&S.
      If you like convenience, then keep it.

  • -1

    Watery af

  • How is this compared to coke?

    • Coconut water is in transparent white and still while coke is black and fizzy!

  • Where are the sugar water comments? 😜

  • -1

    I only shop with Amazon because they support small Australian business.
    Thanks op.

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