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[QLD, NSW, VIC] 12 Meals $78 & Free Shipping @ Cooked up


Dear Ozbargainers

We "Thank You" for all your support over the last month for our launch.
We would like to note all our bundle deals on the Hot Sale pricing will be [EXPIRING on Wednesday at 8am 27 October] as this was for a limited time for the opening launch.

So we wanted to do something a little special for you!
Our offer exclusive to Ozbargainers is as follows
Use Coupon Code OZ10OFF to get $10 Off the NEW 12 Meals Bundle from $88 to $78 Free Shipping [NSW] [VIC] [QLD]

Also as an extra BONUS. We will provide you via email 4 Coupons that you can use within 4 months to get the same Bundle deals advertised see our deals page.
Rest assured we still plan to do deals once in a while but as you can see our menu is growing rapidly and we are working on introducing more delivery dates as well.

See Our Deals Page - https://www.cookedup.com.au/deals/

15 Meals for $99.99 Free Shipping
20 Meals for $129.99 Free Shipping
24 Meals for $149.99 Free Shipping
9 Vegetarian Meals for $69 Free Shipping
20 Gluten-Free Meals for $130 Free Shipping

It gets better we have introduced 8 new amazing mouth-watering Big On Taste Big On Results Meals and added these to the bundles as well.
Check out the new meals here

New Arrival 1 (Togarashi Japanese Chicken) https://www.cookedup.com.au/product/togarashi-japanese-chick...
New Arrival 2 (Kongpao Chicken With Brown Rice) - https://www.cookedup.com.au/product/kongpao-chicken-with-bro...
New Arrival 3 (Spring Fettucini) - https://www.cookedup.com.au/product/spring-fettucine/
New Arrival 4 (Roasted Mushroom Stroganoff) - https://www.cookedup.com.au/product/roasted-mushroom-strogan...
New Arrival 5: (Roasted Cajun Salmon) - https://www.cookedup.com.au/product/roasted-cajun-salmon/
New Arrival 6 (Gnocchi With Pesto Cream Mixed Zucchini And Parmesan) - https://www.cookedup.com.au/product/gnocchi-with-pesto-cream...
New Arrival 7 (Ginger And Soy Chicken) https://www.cookedup.com.au/product/ginger-and-soy-chicken/
New Arrival 8 (Chilli Shredded Beef) - https://www.cookedup.com.au/product/chilli-shredded-beef/

If you have not seen our deals before here is some information

Just Microwave for 2 Minutes - No Meal Prep Required
Get Hooked Up With Cooked Up
🌎A World of Flavours
😋 Big On Taste Big On Results
💯 Locally Sourced Ingredients from 🇦🇺Australian Farmers

Meal Prep Food Delivery Online Store Specialising in:
💪 Protein Muscle Meals
🎚 Weight Loss Meals
⚖ Balanced Meals
🍅 Vegetarian & Vegan Range
🍪 Snacks ❗
🥑 Keto Meals - In Stock ❗️
🍹 Beverages Coming Soon ❗

1. Cut off for deliveries is Wed 8am to get delivery in the next 7 days
2. Our Ingredients are delivered Fresh on Wednesday
3. We Cook all the meals Fresh on Thursday
4. The Meals then get shipped on Friday to arrive to you Fresh the following SAT-TUE

🚚Delivered by Refrigerated Transport in Chilled Packed Boxes.
So you get all your meals FRESH not FROZEN.
All packaged via the latest vacuum/gas technology packaging systems.

*** OUR GOAL ***
Our goal is to help provide Australian families with convenient, healthy, fresh options meals for the whole family.
With fresh produce from local farms, we are giving back and supporting the farmers.
Cooked Up thrives on hooking your taste buds up weekly with our meals.

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  • +1

    So if i recieve the meals the following Tuesday, how long before they need to be used?

    Are there any of your meals that can be frozen?

    Id be interested to see comments from others that have purchased on the quality and taste of the meals. Any favourites or dislikes? What was the portion size like?

    • +1

      See my comment below.

      Expiry was generous. Easy enough to eat all the meals without having to freeze any if you order a week's worth at a time.

      The meals are tasty but on the smaller side. I was always wishing there was a bit more chicken or beef or whatever.

      If you are on the fence, I reckon its worth giving it a go. I only bought it once but I don't regret it and hope Cookedup can do well as I can see the value in this for some.

      • Thanks. What were the use by dates like?

        • +1

          I can't remember exactly but more than a week. So if you ordered a week's worth of food, it was possible to eat them all without having to freeze any

    • Our meals are delivered with a minimum expiration window of 6 to 9 days, inclusive of the delivery day.
      In the fridge and our snacks even longer. Please check each package for the expiry date.

      COOKED UP cannot take responsibility for meals that were not consumed before the expiry date.

      ** Please note: if meals are frozen before the expiry date you will get 12 weeks shelf life**

  • +5

    I wanted to share some feedback perhaps helpful for others and even the business itself.

    I tried cooked up as an alternative to My Muscle Chef, which i rate very highly but is more expensive than cooked up.

    The Good:
    The meals are very tasty. Most of the meals taste as if someone has bulk cooked and portioned it out. Doesn't taste "commercial" or "boring". Meals were decent

    Price. Meals are cheap, when I tried it, meals were just over $6 each

    The Bad:
    Meals are on the smaller side compared to MMC. The issue isn't so much the weight but the Carbs/Fat/Protein ratios. Often the meals were too carb heavy and I was wanting more protein in them. I can not fault MMC for the amount of protein they include, even considering that its more expensive.

    I ended up going back to MMC because I wanted bigger, more filling meals.

    That being said, Cookedup was pretty good and is still worth a try. Some people may not care for so much protein and prefer cheaper meals instead.

    • Tjanks for the review. My wife has to watch her carbs. Hopefully i don't have to scroll through and check each meal for how much carbs it has.

      • +1

        Hi Heal CARBS are visible on the Product before you click on each meal
        Proteins | Carbs | Calories | Fats all listed

  • +1

    Looks pretty similar to Youfoodz (which I've tried). This is how Youfoodz is - be aware that though not frozen, they do prepare them a long time before you may receive them (possibly near a week!). Like fast food ads, the actual meal doesn't match the promo photo. Each ingredient seems cooked alone and placed in the tray. So a curry will have the meat veg and sauce cooked separately.

    Yes, it keeps you alive. Yes is convenient. Does make you wonder if that's what prison food is like. I'd still try it, but can't get it (in Tas).

    I can recommend trying the ones that you have to cook like Hellofresh. More expensive, more work, but most meals give a good result.

    • Hi there, its not frozen we make it fresh and deliver fresh its mentioned in the post how we do it

      • So is the Youfoodz stuff. They say all the same things. Just warning people not to expect restaurant, or even good home cooked quality, which is prepared and delivered, for that kind of price. I’d still try it if I lived in your delivery area.

    • +2

      I've recently tried bulk orders from both Youfoodz and Cooked Up and would rate Cooked Up a step above Youfoodz for quality and freshness.

      I'll definitely be grabbing Cooked Up again at these bundle prices whereas for Youfoodz I'd be ambivalent about another order - like you say it was edible, but nothing special.

      • Awesome thank your for your positive response, we are growing day by day.

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