Hyundai i30 Auto $17,990 Driveaway Metallic Paint

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Usually advertised as $19,990 (charge extra for metallic paint). Cheapest advertised price I have seen so far since last year, must be due to new i30 coming out in July. May even be cheaper when new model is released.

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  • does sound cheap for an auto.

  • One off unless you can find more listed at this price. Its also last years model so unlikely to be reduced again before the new model in July. If it doesnt sell by then there's got to be something wrong.

    It belongs in discussions rather than on front page, otherwise we can list every car deal for every model

    Also its Victoria only something that needs to be noted.

    And there's one cheaper here (manual but given manuals are $2000 cheaper its also cheaper) (NSW)


    Now if it was advertised by Hyundai the media, that was available at most dealerships it would be suitable for deals page


    friend at work bought the base model i30 new with auto(i think),window tint and 6 months reg (QLD) for $16,900 about 5 months ago.

    Norris Motor Group- sandgate road, nundah

    yeah, I know you're in craigeburn. but still it show you can get it down in price. friend paid cash .

  • carsales seems to have heaps in qld/nsw/vic for $15,990 manual

    auto is for chumps given its a 4 spd

    also might wanna check if its the 2.0 or 1.6

    1.6 manual would be sort of acceptable

    1.6 auto would glacial in speed