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Rockwell ShopSeries Car Polisher $104.99 (Was $149.99) Delivered / C&C @ Supercheap Auto


Great for those whose cars have just sat there for the last few months and needs some TLC.

$5 off this plus item on eBay here

* Powerful 600W motor delivers quick and easy results with minimal effort
* 180mm diameter plate with a massive range of optional accessories available (sold separately)
* Variable power settings with no-load speeds of 1500-6800RPM suitable for slower application of polish as well as buffing
* Easy to install foam pad makes swapping between applications simple
* Dual action design great for sanding and polishing applications
* Horizontal 'D' handle for a sturdy grip with maximum control

P.S. Whose or Who's ? :)

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    Polishers getting cheaper across the board now.

    And everyone needs one, since no-one polishes their cars much anymore, clear coats are peeling everywhere even during after lockdown. Why? Too busy ordering takeout and watching movies!


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      What are you talking about? Clear coats are peeling because people aren't polishing their cars? That makes no sense.

      • Am I wrong?

        Clear coat peels when it separates from the colour coat. Heat and chemical attack weather the surface by invading it and pitting it. Regular expansion and contraction happens at a different rate to the coat below, causing the adhesion to break down.

        The layers under the clear (base coats and panel) want to expand and contract at different rates too, but these coats retain both integrity and flexibility as they are not exposed to the elements. Their surface pores and cracks cannot become filled with pollutants as will happen with the top coat, particularly when no longer protected by polish, wax and other protectants. In other words, the colour coat remains quite stable while it is is protected from the elements by the clear above, but the clear has only protectants to prevent it from being attacked.

        Another factor is UV radiation, which is absorbed in modern clear coats to help keep the pigments in the colour coat from being damaged. UV damage causes the clear to become more brittle than the base coat, making the weathering and eventual de-lamination appear faster (to the naked eye), after a certain amount of exposure (ie 10 years)- because it no longer flexes enough, breaking the chemical bonds it has with the colour coat below.

        Though it may not be scientific proven or otherwise much beyond opinion, is that polish keeps the coat protected from attack by filling the damaged surface, preventing chemical attack from chemicals contained in road debris, especially during temperature changes, rain events, etc. Also, that it restructures the clear a little each time, helping to keep it supple.

        Polish, wax, and finishing compounds help to keep the elements from attacking the clear coat, retaining its integrity and flexibility. IMHO this helps to keep it from delaminating (as with all the cars I leave outside, polishing certainly seems to significantly increases the longevity of the clear).

        Of course if you overheat the surface when you polish, or polish dirt into the paint, or otherwise damage the clear coat, it may wear it thin and cause it to break down prematurely. But I do imagine that a regular polish and wax will support the longevity of the clear-coat, and a DA polisher like this will prevent you making too great an impact. Of course, a paint thickness meter is a great tool to enlighten you as to the quality of your work!

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          Yeah no. Polishing takes clear coat off champ.

          • @OfficerBarbrady: No, cutting does.

            It'd take a lot of polishing, or abrasion to remove the clear.

            Simply polish by hand, and you will never have this problem.
            Use a DA polisher, and you shouldn't.
            Use clay bar and other abrasives, and after a few times you will have this problem.

            • @resisting the urge: Look you're still wrong. But good luck to you.

              • @OfficerBarbrady: Why u say that?

                • @resisting the urge: Pretty much what the guy underneath says. You're using a chemical on your car Everytime. Most with super fine grit. It takes clear coat off, very little. Every time.

                  • @OfficerBarbrady: No a clear coat being near to non-existent is not why it will peel: there'd simply be little to no clear coat left to come off.

                    Also, why would a thick coat be less likely to come off, than a thin coat? I've seen lots of thick (factory) clear coats coming off at age, just goto any wrecker to see them.

        • Am I wrong?

          Didn't read all of that but I think you are, polishing removes a little of the substrate each time. Makes your car look shiny but each time you correct the paint (or polish), you're removing some of your top coat. If that's the clear coat then it's getting thinner until it fails.

    • Are you 57 or older?

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    Pairs well with this:
    - This rejuvenates dulled paint, very easy to apply and gets great results

    Then apply this:
    - This deepens the shine and removes any fine scratches caused by compound (completely normal)

    Finish with a hand applied protective coating:
    - Gives a good protective coating to protect the paint. Beads water nicely. Re-apply this every 3-6 months to avoid doing the above steps as often!!

    • Great information!

      Thoughts on the consumer available latest gaphene or old skool ceramic coatings?

    • I'd go to a place like this for detailing products:

      I use the Duragloss stuff; it's not much more than Meguiars but infinitely better quality

      • Noooooooooooooo, I just blew $100 on Meg's at SparesBox.

        Bowden's Own Orange Agent Multi-Purpose Cleaner 500ml - $11.66
        Meguiars Ultimate Wash and Wax Anywhere 768ml - $23.07
        Meguiars Natural Shine Interior Protectant 473ml - $15.74
        Meguiars Supreme Shine Hi-Gloss Extra Shine Protectant 473ml - $15.37
        Meguiars Smooth Surface Quik Clay Bars 3x50g - $17.47
        Bowden's Own Microfibre Cloth & Applicator Wash & Restore 1L - $19.76

        I suppose I'll have to wait a long long time before looking at Car Care Prods again. I'll have to use up all this first, plus my existing inventory.

        You hooked me at "infinitely better quality". Does Duragloss go on sale often?

    • The ultimate compound is great for beginners and softer paints, not too aggressive, however, I wouldn't recommend the polish or the wax there are much better products out there for a similar price.
      Also wouldn't bother with organic waxes anymore, it's just too much effort for most people that drive their cars regularly. Annoying to apply and wears off so quick.
      Turtle wax ceramic and the new graphene spray has been proven to be one the best on the market.

      Ultimate compound - pretty good for beginners
      NO to other meg products, much better products out there.
      Turtle wax ceramic or graphene spray to finish.

      • I think the Meguiars range is very accessible to most people. There will be perfectionists out there who delve into more boutiqe brands which may be better, but may not be as easy to use either.

        For the general consumer, who these people often are lucky to wash their cars once or twice a year, the Meguiar's stuff does a pretty reasonable job, that is satisfactory to that level of expectation of results.

      • Could you please make a list of item(s) that you would recommend (non standard Bowden or Megs) for a full wash.

        Snow Foam
        Decontamination Spray
        Hand wash
        Finishing products

        Saying this, I think I need to make an inventory of what I have.

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      Cheers mate. Does my link not work? Should I update it?

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        didn't even notice the eBay link in your post, works fine, maybe add it to the top & highlight it

  • These are great units. Used one for a couple of years. Later upgraded to a more expensive 900w unit and the difference is night and day.

    • What did you get?

      I've got my eye on this next time Repco have a sale. Not many reviews on it though.


      • That's it. Got it for $170ish

        • Good to know. What were the noticeable improvements?

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            @lordra: Less bogging down and more cutting power especially with Meguiar's microfibre cutting pads.

            Heaps less vibration and slightly reduced noise to boot.

  • Is it easy to wreck the paint job for a noob?

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      The 600W motor means it helps to reduce the error margin.
      Watch YouT, Chris Fix is good, or any other well rated detailer. They will have very specific instructions.

      Some have recommended going down to your local scrap yard or body shop, asking if they have a paint panel, maybe a bonnet or a door, then take that home and practice the entire wash, rinse, polish cycle on that.

      Once done, go to the car. You can't really go wrong if you don't rush it and keep moving.

      • +1

        @lordra thanks! That’s a great idea.

        • Or if you don't like your 'someone', practice on their car, lol.

          • @lordra: Haha may need a cordless polisher and practice on neighbour’s car. It’ll be hard to see in the middle of the night though.

            • @cheach: You'll find out from the screams the next morning ;P

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    these should be sold with a set of ear muffs - one of the noisiest gear boxes on an RO there is… they shut up a bit if you pull them apart and grease them, but better to spend a bit more money and buy something else from a detailing supplier IMHO

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    Just buy a dual action polisher then you won't have to worry (too much) about burning the paint.

    My problem is getting the time and energy to spend 17 hours on wash, decontaminate (chemical by spray then claybar), mask all the edges, compound, polish, ceramic coat then fix the high spot because I'm not experienced in applying ceramic coating.

    • It's a full weekend job that's for sure.

      If you've got a wife and kids there is no chance of this happening. They just don't get it.

      • You have spoken my mind. I did that when they were overseas. Not a chance now.

    • +3

      this is a DA polisher

      • You are correct. It is DA indeed.

  • Any pad replacement recommendations?

    • Lake country or meguiars

      • What size pads fit best? 6.5" or 7"?

        • I changed the backing plate to use 5" pads as this doesn't have enough power to drive the bigger pads efficiently. I just got the plate off eBay for ~$10 delivered.

          • @MS Paint: I also want to get the smaller backing plate. Can you post the link.

            • @ABA: This is the cheapest I could find located (probably) in Australia

              Exhibit A

  • What’s the best wax to cover 6 months of Australian harsh summer? my car is parked outside in street and looking for some quality wax for her.

    Most of US vlogers love Collinite 845 for their winters. But not sure if that’s best for Aussie harsh summer too?

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    Collinite 845

    I've been using Collinite for years and it compares very favourably with any other brand currently on the market. A little goes a long way and lasts a long time.

    Have yet to try Turtle wax ceramic and the new graphene spray but reports are very positive for longevity.

  • Even the polishers have gone up during Covid $57 back in Aug 2019

    • +1

      I doubt it will ever get that low again.

  • Which one is better - 150mm or 180mm one?

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