Is There a Tissue Shortage?

I haven't seen any stock of the $1 boxes of facial tissues at Coles or Woolworths for several weeks now.


  • Try the Top of the Town…

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    Ozbargained. Tissues are the new bog rolls.

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    Maybe only a shortage in your room… (shortage of moisturiser too?) 😋

  • Watchoooo talking about ?

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    I guess your location listed on your profile doesn't really help narrow it down as to which state you're talking about… but IDK, I keep a stash of 15-20 tissue boxes that I top up every two months or so and I haven't checked stores in a while.

    • I keep a stash of 15-20 tissue boxes

      Umm, why?

      • Short of bogrolls ?

      • Prepper.

      • Family owns a pharmacy so it's easy to get stock for stuff like tissue boxes or toilet paper.

      • Redtube

    • You use 2.5 boxes per week? 70 tissues per day?

      • I don't go through all 15-20 tissue boxes in the 2 months, lol, that would be crazy if I did. I top up every 2 months if necessary, if we're running low.

  • Plenty around my area, maybe your stores getting short supplies, go ask at the service desk will get better info then asking on here.

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    Lockdown + NBN speed boost = Tissue shortage.

  • Aldi have tissues.

    • The few I've been to recently don't have the better hypo-allergenic ones, only the standard ones. Asked one of the staff once and they advised they'd been having supply issues.

  • My local woolies have 20 - 30 box of $1 tissues (QLD)

    • Not any more… thanks!

  • Yeah been out for weeks but only the $1 boxes.

  • Isn't that an


  • And that's how the hoarding begins…

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    I buy a 12 pack and it usually lasts 6-8 months. See if amazon delivers in your area.
    It's $15.63 with S&S, so not very expensive.
    It has been on at a lower price in the past and posted on OzB regularly.

  • I have been thinking this also! My workplace goes through lots of tissues and the $1 ones have been missing for weeks. I'm in WA.

  • omg, report it to the tissue shortage

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    woolies & coles tissue boxes are $1.30 now

  • Use a handkerchief.

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