Telstra Network Locked Phone Doesn't Work for Woolworths Mobile SIM

I just got a kid a Telstra Evoke Plus 2 from Woolies.

Assumed it would work on his Woolworth mobile SIM as it's on their network. No, it asks for an unlocking code on boot with the woolies sim inserted.

I guess things have changed? I used to just match the network. Is this not the case anymore for MVNOs, is there any way around it?

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    Nope, Boost only one that'll work

    • Not the answer I wanted, but thanks for the reply.

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        It seems Telstra Wholesale is not part of Telstra Full Coverage, two independent system. Thinking of TW as another Optus network.

        In other words, if there exists a TW network locked phone, it may not accept TFC SIM.

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    Pay the unlocking fee Telstra want.

    • $80 seems a bit steep, but I guess my options are limited.

      • normally you can pay less depending on how old the locked phone is or like how much you spent on your telstra sim/account

        • I have only just bought the phone hasn't had a telstra sim in it at all. I see they advertise 25 dollars after 6 months of use. May just have to bite the bullet and pay.

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            @bobdobal: Many people inc me got the real c3 optus locked - unlock code from Optus FOR FREE, within a couple of weeks of asking Optus what the code was. - Just to let you know you dont always have to pay top dollar asking amount to get the unlock code.

            So 1 try telstra's unlocking website online how much it asks to pay.- If you cannot pay online, tell over phone you want to pay online but their Website SUCKS and you will only pay online or something like that. If you can pay online, (if $20 or less just pay dude) or ask a friend with telstra account for over 2 years be nice over phone and tell them they have had it for a long long time, got it as a gift, (dont have receipt) phone is very older model or something like that which shows that phone is over 2 years old, and so is their telstra service to claim the unlock code for Free

            • @USER DC: Thanks. It looks like there's no online option at Telstra. The site tells me to call a number during business hours. Will give it a try and see what I can fenangle.

  • Do calls work but not data?

    You may need to change the data settings on the phone as Woolies has different settings for data

    • As soon as I insert the woolies sim it comes up with an unlock screen asking for an unlock code. Can't get rid of it without removing the sim.

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