[NSW] Free Online Creative Art/STEM Program + Bonus LEGO Packs Using NSW Creative Kids Voucher @ Brilliant Kids


Hi folks. Enroll in the coding classes and received free lego packs, free robotics or science packs with free shipping. 10 coding classes as well. Free if you use your NSW creative kids voucher (nothing out of your pocket). or $100

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    Looks like the coding lesson are taught by people with a full time job i.e. 5-6 or 6-7, right in the middle of dinner time.

    Also all the gifts looks like just want to get the $100 voucher from the government by supplying about $50 worth of lego and the rest in the form of online class to meet government regulation, but there are free online coding class so can't really see how in a class of 49 a single teacher can do any form of interaction with the student, so no different to watching it on youtube.

    These days kids are missing physical activity so in my view better place to spend the voucher would be swimming, camping or other physical activities.

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      I think NSW gov gives two types of vouchers: Creative Kids and Active Kids.
      I have 3 kids, but I feel these kinds of vouchers are wasting our tax money :-(

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        You can use the lego pack to bribe your kids making sure they attend the coding classes. It is good for their future…:-D…

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      I kindly disagree. Our programs are high quality. Yes, our coding course is taught by a professional software engineer working for one of the biggest IT company in Australia…Kids who attended our classes loved our programs…Our comic and art teachers are highly qualified. They make their living by working for a big animation company. Teaching is their passion passing their knowledge to the kids…

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        Would you like to provide a breakdown by percentage of everyone who has joined your course whose paid with a voucher and those who paid with a credit card / bank transfer. If the course is really good then I would expect there would be a mix of those who paid with a voucher and those who paid for the course with cash.

        Just a reminder in your reply, as a NSW registered company the following rule would still apply to the truthfulness of your answer regardless of the fact this is an online forum: "a person must not, in trade or commerce, engage in conduct that is misleading or deceptive or likely to mislead or deceive"

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    Yes you are right, they only want the creative kids voucher.

    Anyway this is a search of the company on asic register.


    at least you know where to find them if things dont according to what they advertise.

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    ordered and can report
    rather get 50 bucks of lego than 100 pens and paint that makes a bit more mess lol

    at least I can enjoy the lego lol

    • ordered on Friday. was sent today. got email it getting picked up

  • getting the wacom drawing tablet is a better deal than this in my opinion

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