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I used to use Life Reminders but with android's later security features it just doesn't work well for me. Currently using calendar but it's overkill. I just want to set a notification quickly.

What reminder app do you use and can recommend?


  • Currently using calendar but it's overkill

    I thought the calendar was the simplest thing to use for reminders.

    • I wanna set a reminder in 15min, or 3 hours , or 1 week - I don't want to faff around with dates and selecting remind me 10min before. Also ability to snooze, repeat on the fly.

      • You've mentioned in your original post about android's latest security features giving you problems - have you checked that all the required permissions in the settings are enabled? (Although a reminder app probably shouldn't require anything too special).

        • I tried a few times but no luck. Google reviews suggest others are having similar issues. Maybe we're all stupid, idk, but I just want something simple and proven.

          • @afoveht:

            Google reviews suggest others are having similar issues.

            Ah, i had a quick look at the reviews too and didn't see any complaints, hence the suggestion. My bad, I probably didn't read them properly or didn't look far down enough. haha

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        Google assistant ?

        "Hey Google, set a reminder to jump 5 times in 15 mins ?

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    I tend to use the alarm function built into the standard android clock app for basic reminders…. it works surprisingly well and is fairly flexible for recurring reminders.

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      off topic, but…. cool name bro! 🤣

      • ?

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          I was actually replying to username "bobbieb". I had to do a double-take because the name is so similar to mine!

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            @bobbified: Yeah I though you liked the calendar and alarms, now i see there's two of you.

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        Haha… right back at ya :)

        I was gonna reply that was here first, but it seems you beat me by several months.

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    Easy to use, syncs across devices, free. I use it often to set reminders and jot down notes. Very useful when I have written down a note on my Android phone and it appears on Chrome on desktop too.

  • I really like Habit Now, they had an update recently where the view is much better to what I needed compared to before. And the free version is quite good compared to other apps so worth trying out.
    Only issue is you have to make sure your phone battery optimiser doesn't kill it early, so you may have to change some settings.

  • Late to this party but I use a few different options.

    • For a countdown in x mins/hours, I use the timer option in the Clock app.
    • If you want a reminder at a certain time I either use the alarm within the clock app if it's within about 48 hours, reoccurring or potentially while I'm sleeping. You can add text there to jog your memory e.g. "Turn on oven" or "Leave for appointment" or whatever.
    • Also, it sounds like you might be adding events/appointments to your calendar. There's an alternative option built into the calendar which is literally called reminders. There's full on instructions how to add them here. You just add text, choose a day and time and away you go.
    • If you talk to Google app at all, you can literally just ask it to remind you whatever you want at whatever time you like, or even at a specific location. For example you just say "Ok Google, remind me to pick up the groceries tomorrow at 11am". Then it does the rest for you.
    • I use TickTick as a todo list manager, and you can add date/time reminders in that as well.
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