Citibank Purchase Protection via Allianz, Repair Report for Mobile


Has anyone claimed Purchase Protection for a damaged phone before via Citibank / Allianz ?

I recently bought a OnePlus 8 Pro and have dropped it, display works but its cracked and touch doesn't work.

The claim form asks for a repair report, I took the phone to a repair dude and he said they don't do OnePlus and to find someone on Gumtree. I have emailed another repair place, anyone been through the process before? Is it difficult?

I bought it from AliExpress on the diners card, I checked the T&C's and there isn't any mention of needing to buy it local.

Thank you.

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    diners card

    That card still exists?

    • Yup. Disappeared for a while but reappeared.

      Paypal Australia taking Diners as a card too now.

  • Got a repair report for $70, submitted it to Allianz and they just emailed saying they will pay it minus the $100 excess.

    No issues with buying from Aliexpress. The repair dude takes the $70 out of the final bill.

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