Help Finding IKEA Replacement Panels

Hi all,
We have a number of ikea cupboards all with the SELSVIKEN or GLASSVIK in "high-gloss light grey-green" panels on the front.
We have moved house and wanted to add another cupboard along the wall in the new house (more space).
Problem is the grey-green colour has been discontinued, and I don’t want to replace all the panels with a new colour.
I have been searching eBay and gumtree in vain over the last few months.
Anyone have any other ideas on how I could find some more of these panels?

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    Talk to a cabinet maker and see if they can do a panel similar to yours ??

  • It’s the colour I need to match.
    It’s a very specific colour.
    See here

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      Surely they could colour match it ? Or try to get the colour code from somewhere like Bunnings

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        Matching the colour is trivial. Matching the gloss level and texture will be extremely difficult and these factors change the appearance of the colour significantly.

        • I have asked 2 different cabinet makers, neither could match the colour.

          • @bohdans: Are you trying to save money or are you attached to the colour?
            If you take a panel to a good paint shop (not bunnings) they can match the colour easy.
            Then you tell the cabinet maker the colour and they will make it. It won't match exact, for that you'd be looking at replacing all your doors.
            In any case, getting any cabinets custom made won't be cheap.

            It might make more sense some green doors and mixing them with the white doors.

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    Did you ask Ikea?

    • usually that would be the first place to ask. OP has overlooked the fact about asking the original manufacturer of the panels and decided to ask a forum that is about saving $1. LOL

    • I asked IKEA. All they will tell me is the item is discontinued.

  • If you get it the new cabinet fronts made and finished in two pack gloss, they should be able to match the colour and the gloss level.

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