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20% off Pre-Loved & New LEGO Parts + Delivery ($0 Click & Collect Brisbane Showroom) @ BrickResales (Online Only)


New online stock added daily @ 6am and 5pm. I find prices on par with other LEGO marketplaces, but with a showroom near me in Coopers Plains QLD I prefer the convenience of free local pickup and a one-stop-shop.

As a tragic AFOL I regularly visit the showroom with my son picking through tubs of washed & sorted pre-loved LEGO @ $5/100g by weight.

They run "20% off online" Sundays roughly once a month.

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  • I love this place. I think it's tragic that people cannot buy new sets online at a reasonable price because resellers buy them all up in minutes. Which often results in the stores being out of stock for months.

    I get the option to build bit by bit instead at this place.

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    I don't see any deals here…

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    20% off already hugely inflated prices?
    People praising these 'services' don't realise that they are also the ones buying new sets in bulk, and reselling the parts and figs.
    As a very tragic AFOL, I buy it in bulk from Facebook marketplace, Gumtree or garage sales, then I sit and clean and sort it in front of the TV when fam is sleeping late at night.

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      I won't neg you for that but these guys don't buy and scalp new sets. They buy collections like you, wash sort and sell it.

      I shop/pick/buy looking for specific parts depending on what I'm building. I don't want to buy kgs of LEGO from marketplace and hope the parts I need are in there, and with BrickLink/BrickOwl I rarely find all the parts I'm looking for from the same seller and can't be bothered paying multiple postage and waiting for delivery.

      For me (and my kids), this place is a reasonably priced option to find most of what we're looking for, be it MOCs, complete a set, missing parts or my son just putting something random together and paying for it.


  • Checked their site.. Who in their right mind pays for Lego instructions when they're freely available on Lego's own site..?

    • Mostly collectors who want to complete a particularly desirable set.

      They give away most of the instructions for free at the showroom.

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