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A mate went to Specsavers today to get some specs. He wanted the same glasses he got a few years ago. Someone there told him they will not issue glasses without a new prescription - supposedly it's illegal. Is this Specsavers gouging for a Medicare rebate or is this a legit rule - legal or standard professional practice or otherwise?


  • You can now buy non-prescription glasses online.

    • But he wanted his old prescription which they have. Just didn't want to do another test as he is happy with the current prescription.

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        Oh I see, well the Optometry Guidelines clause 1.3 says prescriptions have expiry dates. Worth checking what his current one says. 2 years seems to be common.

        • Ok. Ta. It says In normal circumstances, an expired prescription for an
          optical appliance should not be filled.
          Guess Specsavers were doing the done thing.

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    I've taken my glasses into specsavers before and just said "copy these prescriptions". They copied it no problems.

    • But that probably still means a new prescription was issued. I.e. an optometrist (and Medicare fee) were involved.

  • Isn't getting new prescription is free (bulk billed )?

    • No charge to the patient but the optometrist still charges and gets paid by Medicare. Hence why I was wondering if this was just a job grab.

      • As someone mentioned above, it's has a expiry of two years.

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        So what if it gets charged to Medicare?
        Believe me, saving the government $60 isn't going to do shit to the budget.

        Just get a new exam.

        • I just wanted to know if mandatory tests were a core part of Specsavers' profit model. I couldn't care less who gets tested and who doesn't.

          • @afoveht:

            I couldn't care less who gets tested and who doesn't.

            Well, you seem to care, you care a lot

            • @DisabledUser370150: I care that when I go to the shop I get served. As long as the service is right I couldn't care less whether it's you or someone else that serves me.

              If you don't understand that concept then I'm afraid I can't add anything else to make it clearer.

              • @afoveht: So why all the fuss about avoiding getting a new prescription with Medicare?

                • @DisabledUser370150: You've missed the whole point of this post which was

                  Is this Specsavers gouging for a Medicare rebate or is this a legit rule

                  As for any fuss or lack thereof, that's something I'm not invested in.

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                    @afoveht: Who cares?

                    You're the only one that gives two shits about it.

                    • @DisabledUser370150: Correct, and I got an answer to my question by the first respondent's second comment, and I acknowledged it. But you now keep replying with what is essentially just noise on an answered question. I thought I might show you that but obviously it's not working for whatever reason. So all I'll say now is enjoy your night.

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    Without a prescription just go to your local discount store and they usually have magnefied glasses for that reason.

    Otherwise get prescription and then get some glasses from zenni optical. Never pay for glasses at a optom.

  • just get an a new test? they also check eye health. much better option than assuming your eye sight & health is fine. Costs your "friend" (yourself) nothing but 20mins of time.
    by the time deliberating this topic, a new test would have been finished. order placed and glasses into production

    • Yeah you've missed the point. See above. Also I'm not sure what you think I'd be ashamed of - wearing glasses or going to Specsavers or what.

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