Where to Buy Raspberry Pi Hole?

I want to set up a Pi Hole. Just wanted to ask where to get the kit or is there a whole assembled system ready to purchase?


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    Main 3 retailers here:-




    However, if you have any PC or HTPC that's running 24/7 then you don't need one. You can install Pihole in a Virtualbox super easily without spending a penny.

    Step by step guide: https://i12bretro.github.io/tutorials/0107.html

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    Unless you are already running a NAS or something 24/7 and you only want the pi for PiHole, try to get a Pi Zero or Zero W. Really cheap, uses next to no power, easy to set up and forget.

    Raspberry Pi's of all types at the moment are pretty hard to come by. Sign up for in stock alerts, or add an alert on OzBargain for when they are next in stock.


    Just buy the board and use any old micro-usb cable and old phone charger to power. It could also potentially be powered by a router or something with USB as it only needs less than 2.5w.

    If you want screen and keyboard you'll need a mini HDMI and micro USB to usb A (or use bluetooth), but if you set up SSH you don't need these.

    I have a Pi Zero W with Pi Hole and it works well.

    • I originally had a Zero W for my PiHole, but the additional cost/complexity/risk of problems with the USB to ethernet adapter meant it was a worthwhile upgrade to a 3b instead.

      Still, the Zero W is an excellent buy at $20 for tinkering with Linux and the like, SSH, VNC etc

      I've yet to learn what rm /rf does, I might give that a go later…

      • rm /rf

        For others new to Linux, and you in case you are also: don't do this.

        Firstly, the command should be sudo rm -rf /

        sudo is super user do, which runs the command after it with "root" permissions, root being the equivalent of Administrator on a Windows PC. (technically probably the equivalent of SYSTEM, but most people would recognise Administrator).

        rm is the remove command, which removes the target files.

        -rf are the recursive and force flags. Recursive meaning it will remove files in every folder, and force meaning it will remove files regardless of if they are in use.

        The / at the end is the target directory, / being the root directory (like C: on a Windows PC).

        So rm -rf / forcibly removes all files on your computer.

        Funnily enough, this would (generally) actually work, as Linux doesn't need the files to run (it holds most of it's immediate needs in RAM). Things will quickly stop working but.

        Timely reminder: backup your stuff! 1 (copy) is none (copies)!

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    If you lose motivation can use adguard DNS, just set DNS on your router to and done.

    Not as affective as pihole but effort is minimal.


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