Bifold Windows Flapping in Wind?

I'm looking to install some bifold windows
We get some pretty strong winds in the area, sometimes out of nowhere.

The size of window I'm after 1800w*1200h lends itself to a 3panel bifold, or a 4 panel is available slightly wider

I'm concerned the three panel bifold will have one of the panels flapping in the wind when opened, this is not a problem for a four panel as the ends are secured to the sill.

Is this likely to be a problem?

three panel when fully open \/\
Four panel when fully open /\/\
Panels fold from left to right, sill is at the bottom

Do 4 panels work better if I only want to crack the window open slightly, it looks like it's way less fiddly to partially open the 4 panel as you only need to move the two leftmost panels, but on a three leaf you need to open the two rightmost panels and slide the leftmost panel across

three panel when Partially open _ /\
Four panel when Partially open /\ _ _


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    The answer, my friend, is blowin' in the wind

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    Wouldn't a three panel bi-fold be a tri-fold?

    • But Samsung call their bi-fold phone a Z-fold so it's very confusing

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        Maybe it identifies as a Z-fold. Who are we to judge?

    • No. You would need four panels to make a tri-fold.

      • that is determined by whether you subscribe to the "fixed" end being counted as a fold or not

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    The flapper normally folds around, and can be 'hooked' onto the second panel, (just need a simple hook and loop to do this). So you can have:

    One panel open (hooked at 170degrees), or begin opening the first and second panels, setting them at anything from ajar to fully folded. E.g.

    —- closed
    —/ one open, flapping
    -= one open, folded
    ||| all open

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