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[NSW] Whittakers JellyTip Chocolate 250g, $2.15 @ Woolworths


Good price on Whittakers 250g Jellytip

About a month left to best before date of 19th Nov 2021

There were a lot left in Woolworths Granville Metro store

Save $3.85

As this is a clearance item, other stores may also have this deal.

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  • +4

    "best before date of 19th Nov 2011" i'll pass

    • Thanks, i just checked again and its really 2021.

      • thanks :)

  • Mmm hopefully they get in 50% dark Whittaker's to replace this variety yum

  • -2

    This Jelly Tip one is pretty awful. For those who don’t know, Jelly Tip is the Rainbow Paddle Pop of NZ - i.e. the childhood favourite that’s still popular to this day despite superior ice creams coming on the market. At risk of raising the ire of Kiwis here, Jelly Tip is crap and this chocolate is crap. Whittaker’s in general is far superior to any chocolate in mainstream circulation in Australia though.

    • Everyone is different. Im giving them a go from this deal and its very good. Didnt use to get this one, but am finding its similar to Turkish Delight, and its a higher quality than some Turkish delights.

    • I, for one, didn't even know this was a kiwi thing but it's fantastic to me.

  • Love Jelly Tip ice cream and the chocolate is great. Great straight from the freezer!

  • This deal is not limited to Granville, Kogarah is selling for $2.40

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