Digital Security Cameras

I am wanting to put some security cameras in the external area of my house, but I would not like to be running several power cables.

Does anyone recommend a digital security camera that uses battery power? If not using batteries, but that has an easy installation?
What do you recommend?


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    Could run a single cable, PoE. There's quite a few affordable cameras with NVRs that have this.
    I'd weigh this as the cost for a wireless battery camera is generally pretty high per piece.

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    EUFY cameras do an ok job with no subscription fees and recording to a home base in your house. The app is pretty good as well. Depends on how many U want. But wired is always better.

    For a wired solution with NVR, if Reolink is on sale go for the AI versions of their cameras. 520D4-A or the 820D4-A. And get an installer to do it. Usually $100-150 per camera.

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    Battery operated security camera doesnt make sense to me.. just when you need it the batteries will be dead.

    If your going to do a security camera system, do it once, do it right. put the effort in that one time.

    • just when you need it the batteries will be dead.

      Imagine "monitoring" and then the battery dies as something interesting is about to happen! lol

      I've just bought the Ubiquiti kit to avoid that kind of situation.

    • Eufy now make a wireless camera with a built in solar panel. They also have a separate solar panel that can be paired with their other wireless camera range.

  • Eufy :)

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    As others have said, go wired PoE.
    Here is a security camera buyers guide to help you wrap your head around the whole thing.

    Wireless battery cameras are convenient, but they come with a ton of problems. They look cheaper than wired, but it often doesn't work out that way in the long run.

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