Case with Good Cooling for System based in a rack

Looking at transferring my current system to a new case.
Asrock H97M Pro4 M/B (micro ATX)
i5-4460 with stock cooler
Asus GTX 1060 GPU
2x 2.5" SSD
1x 3.5" HDD
1x Bluray drive

I currently have the system in a 3RU rack case, that with the graphics card installed I can't have the lid on. Times when I haven't had the GPU installed and have the lid on, the CPU fan spins up very quickly so case obviously has bad airflow as it's not too bad without the lid and there aren't a lot of options for fans with the case. The rack case was more a convenience at the time, but would now prefer something enclosed to help with cooling and dust more. It will be in the rack but doesn't have to be rackmount case as can just it sit on a shelf. Rack does get fairly warm but front door has mesh rather than glass.

Case needs to hold at least the 2x SSDs and at least 2x 3.5" HDD. Doesn't necessarily have to be able to take a larger M/B (ATX) in the future either. Being able to house the optical drive would be good but not essential as rarely use it.

Budget to ~$150.

Currently considering the Antec DP502 Flux or Cooler Master NR400.



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