New to Badminton - Need Shoes Recommendations

Hi all

Brand new to badminton, thought I'd give it a go as it's one of the few sports that I haven't tried. As per the title, looking for a pair of decent badminton shoes, budget is <$200.

Yonex AERUS Z seems pretty good. Any others?


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    Asics GEL-BLADE

  • Let your feet pick go to shop they will be able to tell you which model is suitable

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    There are heaps of questions/posts on Badminton on OzBargain..

    Surely some of these would help..

    • Thanks, when i searched I couldn't find any posts, must've been a glitch

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    If you're brand new, I would suggest just using any running shoe first to play.
    You don't need badminton specific shoes if you're just beginning.

    • I've played a couple of social sessions and I just find my running shoes don't work as well as they should, and I use them for running 5k without any issues. My feet feel really tired after a 1 hour session.

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        Maybe you're just new to the sport?..
        Especially after 1hr for a beginner.

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        just a little advice here for beginners -

        The movements in badminton are different from running - running is mostly running forward. Where as badminton requires active sideways movement, lots of jumping as well as explosive movements.

        While you start to learn how to move across the court, you will start to feel tired feet , especially if you don't have proper footwear to support. (Doesn't need to be super expensive, and doesn't need to be badminton specific, if you have indoor non-marking shoes that have omni-directional grip, you should be ok. I have mates that casually play in basketball shoes - not ideal but a tonne better than trainers/running shoes).

        A common mis-conception is that the footwork of badminton is the same as tennis - it is faster and lighter, you spend a larger amount of time on your toes and lunging vs tennis. This involves muscles that aren't commonly used in running or most other sports.

        That being said, take it easy, remember you have a partner that can help you out in doubles.
        Have fun with the game.

        • Thanks for this advice! I have basketball shoes, so maybe I'll give that a go lol before going ahead and buying indoor shoes or maybe I'll just get a mid-range pair of shoes

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      Most courts will require non marking shoes to start, and running shoes do not have any support for the sideways motion and/or cushioning. Perfect way to injure yourself on the courts are with running shoes.

      First thing to buy is a pair of decent badminton shoes, then you can upgrade the racquet and strings eventually.

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    Yonex are the most popular ones that will be stocked everywhere, victor generally heavier but more support/cushion, li-Ning ones also pretty decent. Just make sure you try them on, especially if you have wider feet.

    Yonex aerus z are known for lightweight. Otherwise 65z2 are very common too with different colour ways

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    Running/gym shoes aren't great because they are very cushioned, when what you want is shoes that give control, that are grippy and dont flex sideways.

    The suggestions you're getting are probably the best, but if you wanna save money and have a pair of sneakers without much cushioning you could try them, eg a pair of Dunlop Volleys or Adidas Sambas.

    Or, you could try the shoes at Decathlon. I have the cheaper $30 pair, bought just before lockdown so cant really comment on them except to say that I was looking forward to playing in them, but they felt pretty basic.

  • I use New Balance 624. Good grip, wear well, non marking, and you can sometimes get them as low as $80. These are not specifically badminton shoes, but after eight years I haven't had any food injuries.

    • Thanks, will check these out

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    regular badminton player here -

    Once you're into the sport and willing to spend a little $, like you are, get some proper badminton shoes. Like volleyball/indoor shoes they have several purposes:
    - non marking
    - ankle rolling protection from their stiff heel supports
    - omni directional grip, vs running shoes which have forward running grip - in badminton you will be pushing off side-ways a lot
    - stiff shoes that dont flex/give on sideways movements
    - shoes that support lots of jumping and agility work.

    My recommendations is Yonex shoes, and it looks like you've settled on the aerus, which is a top-tier shoe - good choice if you find you like it. The Aerus is lightweight which is awesome, but a little expensive.
    Alternatively the 65W is cheaper and good as a starter shoe.\

    Re the decathalon shoes - don't. Just spend the $80/90 for basic Yonex shoes and have something that will last longer and not cause calluses.

    Like many sports, there are different tiers of equipment.

    Personally I've started to buy Mizuno badminton shoes, which I buy from malaysia.

    • also that being said, do you have a racket?
      Don't buy the < $70 rackets from Rebel or Decathalon - those are meant for casual beach/backyard badminton and will break within a week of proper badminton play. (And rackets are unrepairable once the frames break).

      Ideally, you can go to a badminton shop and pickup a beginner racket and a pair of shoes with a little discount - you get the advice of the shop owner, and it helps local shops out.

      Out of interest, where are you playing?

      • I was recommended (and bought) the yonex voltric 0.9dg which has worked out well for me so far, I like that it's on the heavier side as the beginner ones felt a bit too light for me

        I play Norwest in Sydney

        Re 65W's, are these the ones you are talking about?

        Yonex POWER CUSHION 65 Z 2 Badminton Shoes Cobalt Blue (MEN'S)

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