Curved Monitor in Portrait/Vertical Mode - Awkward or?

Is it awkward or impractical/uncomfortable using a screen with ~1500R curvature in Portrait mode?
What's your experience with that?


  • I personally don't use any display vertical, depends on your use case I guess. Like lots of streamers use a vertical display for chat, and stuff like that. I find it more useful and convinient to use all my displays horizontally, regardless if it's curved or not. As I said earlier, depends on your use case.

  • It's going to depend on what you're using it for. I build web applications and find a horizontal 1440p screen good for splitting in half.

    • Curved will work as long as you have a big gas lift arm you can position the centre high enough, at which point it will be pointed down at you.

      • the 1080p 24" range I linked can pivot theirself into portrait.
        is that what you meant?

        At minimum would be using vertical for text stuff, like long documents.

  • +1

    Yes it'll be awkward.

  • It's not ideal as a main screen.

  • What works for others may not work for you.

  • So what curvature monitor has anyone used?;
    and were the top+bottom angles weird/distorted vertically or not; or take getting used to or bothersome?

    Would you have stayed with flat monitor for vertical instead?

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