Is This Bike from Kmart for $269.00 Worth It?

Hi fellow bargain hunters,

I have noticed that Kmart has introduced two new bikes in their lineup, one of which can be seen in the link below:

70cm Large Alloy Flat Bar Bike $269.00

The interesting thing that I have noticed about this bike compared to the usual sub $200 bikes that they sell is that the parts seem to be a bit different than their usual bikes. For example, the derailleur isn't the usual generic looking Shimano one that most of their bikes have, and the gear shifters are thumb shifters, not twist shifters like usual. The document for parts/specs is on the product page. The weight is not written but I would guess that it would probably be lighter than their usual bikes which are around 15kg generally.

Ideally, I want to avoid buying a second hand bike because I do not have the time or the skill to understand which used bike is good or not. I have just ridden Kmart bikes in the past so the small problems that happen with them have become normal to me. I have seen that there are decent bikes such as Reid Cycles but my budget doesn't stretch that far and for example, for a lower price here, I am getting disc brakes front and back whereas the more expensive bikes there have rim brakes.

Do you think that this bike would be worth it? I am not going to do any 50km or 100km marathon rides with it. It's just for exercise and maybe exploring through different areas.


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  • Do you think that this bike would be worth it?

    Sounds like great value… thumbs and legs getting a workout at the same time.

  • +4

    Save your money, get a bike of marketplace/gumtree.
    Even Aldi's/anaconda are better.

    • Good Different

    • SOME anaconda and also bikes are better.

  • +2

    All the photos shows the left side of the bike, the only right side photo is the handle bars… it’s like there is something to hide on the right side of the bike?

    • All the important parts that have been skimped on

      Also whoever built that bike needs to be shot
      Brake levers angled towards the sky…

      • At least the forks are on the right way.

  • Looks like a flat bar commuter bike. Not road bike tyres. The hand grips look cheap too.

    Like other comments maybe best to look for the brands you want and check it out on market place / gumtree. People might be desperate to sell their bikes so they can buy a second hand car.

  • +1

    What about single speed bike if you are in flat area, not steep hills.

    They are cheap to start with and maintenance is very low. Decathlon sells one, use referral code or birthday voucher ( sign up benefits) for further discount.

    Avanti, Marin, polygon, Malvern star, giant so many brands for the used bikes, keep an eye on the marketplace as other suggested. Kaaba also sells fortis brand, it’s cheap for a reason.

    • Yeah totally. I have a single speed and don't regret it

  • The interesting thing that I have noticed about this bike compared to the usual sub $200 bikes that

    first thing I noticed was its not sub 200

    • plus delivery so not even sub 300.

  • +1

    Definately keep an eye on marketplaces, some good bargains out there.

    I managed to pick up a full alloy Schwinn frame with Campagnolo crank and shifters, with spare wheels, for only $200.

  • ANKO = Quality

  • +2

    It’s better than their usual offerings but is still likely bottom rung quality. The brakes won’t be very good - a cheap disc brake generally is not as good as a cheap rim brake. The derailleur will be bottom level and the rear wheel is a bolt on type, not quick release. The 7spd will not be cassette type. The tyres are likely very cheap, hard rubber meaning less grip.

    Serviceable, but not great. I wouldn’t buy one, but in a pinch might use if it was given to me.

    For $270 you could probably find a better quality used shop brand bike.

  • It appears to come with pedals…

    I reckon, go for it…

  • I got my new bike single speed from Samson in the northern suburbs of Melbourn. Had it delivered. I ended up replacing the seat, pedals, handlebars but otherwise happy. It's a single speed

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